Hope Larson shows you how it's done

Over on her LiveJournal and on Flickr, cartoonist Hope Larson (Mercury) is detailing at length her artistic process on a new story she's doing entitled Snow Ball.

When it's complete I'll compile the whole thing–script, thumbnails, roughs, inks–into a short comic for print and web. The idea isn't to make a comics how-to, but to show how much work goes into something as basic as a 10-page short story.

It's nerve-wracking to show work to the world when it's vulnerable and new, but that's the whole point. Once I make it through the roughs I'll enlist someone to play editor, make his/her notes public, and address those notes in the final art.

I find this sort of behind  the scenes stuff fascinating and plan on checking back on the above links frequently over the next few weeks.

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