'Homestar Runner' Creators Team With Disney XD For Animated Web Series

The creators of the wildly popular "Homestar Runner" have launched a series of 40 original animated shorts on Disney XD's YouTube Channel and Watch Disney XD.

Titled "Two More Eggs," the project by The Brothers Chaps (Mike and Matt Chapman) will blend a variety of animation techniques, a signature of their work on "Homestar Runner."

The series premiered this morning with three episodes: "Dooble - Dooblie Doo," in which Dooble explores the world while singing his signature song: "CGI Palz - Theme Song," featuring Rotisserie, Rooty, Arlington, The Lenore Street Bridge and Pekot performing their theme song that explains computer-generated imagery; and "Hot Dip - Not 4 Momz," a commercial parody for Hot Dip, the latest snack food enjoyed by everyone except moms.

A new episode will be released every Tuesday throughout the summer.

"As we pursue new methods of development and short-form production, we looked to two trailblazers in the field, Matt and Mike, who created a beloved web series years before today's ubiquitous video-sharing platforms even existed," Eric Coleman, senior vice president of Disney Animation, said in a statement. "This project epitomizes our development strategy – hire great talent and give them the freedom to create content with their unique point of view."

The Brothers Chaps added, "Disney's support has allowed us to organically evolve these weird cartoons in exactly the way we imagined. We've worked on these shorts with the same autonomy as with our own 'Homestar Runner' cartoons, and it's been tons of fun."

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