Homelander vs. Superman: Who Would Win?

In the epic battle between DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment, let's roll the dice and bet on who would win in the ultimate fight between Homelander and Superman. Interestingly enough, The Boys was originally published through the DC Comics imprint, Wildstorm, before making the transition to Dynamite. Homelander, the team leader of the team, The Seven, is a superhero praised by the public and fanatics, but there is something rotten inside of him. Even though he is from another planet, Superman, the leader of Justice League, is cheered by the adoring public as he fights for truth, justice, and represents the best of humanity.

In the critically acclaimed The Boys comic by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, Homelander was conceived as an inspiration from Captain America and Superman, but there is something twisted about him. Adored by the very public he is supposed to protect, Homelander just wants to use force and make people be afraid at the sight of him. Before choosing the mantle of Superman, Clark Kent was raised in Smallville, Kansas by two loving and hardworking parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark's parents taught him to use his superpowers to help others.

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10 Super-strength (Advantage: Superman)

Though he claims to have crash-landed onto Earth, Homelander was actually born in a lab run by Vought American. Since he was a child, Homelander was experimented on by scientists, who even tied him up to a nuclear bomb. Homelander's super-strength comes from being injected with Compound V, a drug used to create super-humans. Originally from the destroyed planet of Krypton, Superman's extraordinary abilities come from a superior civilization of advanced technology. Superman wouldn't even need to be injected Compound V because the needle would break just touching his invulnerable skin.

9 Heat Vision (TIE)

Just like Superman, Homelander is able to open up his glowing red eyes and eject a powerful blast of heat energy. Both have used their heat vision to melt the pistol being held by a gunman. Homelander has used his heat vision even further, by melting the face off of another human being. Superman has been known to strike at his enemies with his energy beams, especially in combat against Darkseid's disintegrating Omega Beams.

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Because of his sociopathic personality, Homelander uses this power to get a thrill out of hurting others. Superman though uses this particular superpower as a tactical last restort.

8 Flight (Advantage: Superman)

Homelander has the special ability to lift himself off the ground and fly off at incredibly fast speeds. While flying in the air, Homelander is able reach long distances in just a few seconds.  Superman is able to propel himself into the sky at top speed and fly further than others. Homelander may be able to fly in the air, but Superman has flown to the farthest regions of outer-space. In order for him to breathe in outer-space, Superman's body needs to metabolize sunlight. As long as the sun is nearby, Superman is able to travel to the moon and straight back to Metropolis, without anyone noticing Clark Kent is missing.

7 X-Ray Vision (TIE)

X-ray vision is the ability to see through certain objects. Superman and Homeland use their X-ray vision in order to spot an enemy who may be hiding under invisibility. Certain times, Superman is able to scan an object with his X-Ray vision and discover there is something else hiding beneath the surface. Though Homelander may be able to see through any solid object, he has problems with objects lined up with zinc, which is a slightly brittle metal at room temperature.

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Superman's limited X-Ray vision prevents him from seeing anything with lead, which is a heavier and denser metal.

6 Fighting Style (Advantage: Superman)

Towards the end of The Boys series, Homelander launches a full-scale attack on the White House by myself. Even while being shot at, Homelander slaughtered the secret service agents who stood in his way. Homelander was much stronger and easily defeated Queen Maeve, who was the most skilled fighter in the Seven. Homelander though has never fought against intergalactic villains like Superman has. Though Homelander likes to use brute force, Superman knows he has to use intellect and strategy when dueling against an extraterrestrial android and a tyrannical ruler from Apokolips.

5 Invincibility (TIE)

Because of his superhuman powers, the only other person who could defeat Homelander is himself. The enigmatic and silent super-powered ninja known as Black Noir was actually Homelander's clone.

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Because he is a copy of the original, Black Noir was designed to take over his spot and kill Homelander whenever he crossed the line. Superman is stripped of all his powers when he comes anywhere near Kryptonite, an alien mineral made from Superman's destroyed home world. Even a small piece of Kryptonite, which Lex Luthor uses as his ring, has deadly effects on Superman.

4 Hearing (TIE)

With hyper-sensitive ear bones, Homelander and Superman are able to block out noises and perceive sounds beyond capacity. Because of his god complex, Homelander raises the volume of his selective hearing because he wants to listen when others praise him by name. Superman though focuses his hearing whenever there is a danger around. When Jimmy Olsen finds himself in trouble, he uses his signal watch to activate a high frequency sound that only Superman can hear. Upon hearing the emergency call, Superman follows the sounds and knows where to find his best friend, Jimmy.

3 Speed (Advantage: Superman)

At a fast velocity, Homelander is able to run and catch up with a speeding vehicle. In The Boys pilot, Homelander caught up with the runaway truck escaping from the crime scene. Superman and The Flash have been known to race each other on foot around the world. For the United Nations, the Man of Steel and the scarlet speedster conducted the highly anticipated race in order to raise funds for charity.

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In Superman #199, the racing duo decided together to end the race in a dramatic tie because gamblers were illegally making bets.

2 Immortality (Advantage: Superman)

Because he was a clone, Black Noir wanted to take Homelander's place and decided to murder him. Black Noir was the only person capable of getting near Homelander and killing him. Superman faced death when he went up against the killing machine known as Doomsday. In "The Death of Superman," the Man of Steel was covered up in his own blood as he was beaten to a pulp by the seemingly unbeatable Doomsday. Though they delivered the fatal strikes against each other, this was not the final ending. After his funeral, Superman surprised every one and resurrected from the grave.

1 Leadership (Advantage: Superman)

Willing to go to any lengths for world domination, Homelander murdered anyone in the Seven who opposed him. As the leader, Homelander wanted complete obedience from his own teammates. As the leader of the Justice League, Superman has the respect and admiration of his teammates, which includes Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern. Even though Batman rarely sees eye to eye with Superman, they both trust each other's decision when it comes to doing what is right. Protecting those who love him, Superman values the friendship he has gained over the years with the other members.

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