Forget Home Alone - Ryan Reynolds to Produce R-Rated Stoned Alone

Ryan Reynolds with the Deadpool Forbidden Suit

An R-rated reimagining of the classic film Home Alone is officially in the works.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Fox are teaming up for a Home Alone-inspired film titled Stoned Alone. Reynolds will produce the R-rated flick under his Maximum Effort banner, with the movie featuring the tale of a 20-something stoner who gets high and becomes paranoid that people are breaking into his house after he misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. The twist is the stoner finds out people are actually breaking into his house.

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Stoned Alone will be directed by actress-turned-director Augustine Frizzell. Her first feature, Never Goin' Back, made its debut at Sundance earlier this year and is slated to be released soon by A24. She'll direct from a script by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, who recently worked together on the Netflix comedy The Package.

The first Home Alone film, which starred Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, was released back in 1990. It was directed by Chris Columbus and told the story of a kid who managed to get left behind by his family over Christmas vacation only to be forced to fend off burglars trying to break in while he's home alone. Earning an impressive $476 million at the worldwide box office, the feature went on to spawn two sequels, although the third film, Home Alone 3 set to revamp the franchise and changed things up by focusing the story on a brand new character. Unfortunately, that decision seemed to hurt the film, with Home Alone 3 failing to match the box office hauls of its two predecessors.

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Reynolds, who is continuing to add to his ever-busy resume, is coming off of Deadpool 2 for Fox and is currently filming Detective Pikachu.

As of now, Stoned Alone does not have a release date.

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