Holy snikt! There's a monkey that looks just like Wolverine

The Wolf's mona monkey is the best there is at what it does, and what it does is eat fruit. And fling poop, naturally.

Whetting the public's insatiable appetite for things that look like other things, Metro followed its expose on an East Yorkshire carp that resembles 1970s-era Elton John with a bit of journalism that hits closer to home: a blue-and-yellow primate that could easily be the hirsute mutant's stunt double.

Native to central Africa, the Wolf's mona monkey has every element of Wolverine's classic look, from the color scheme and claws to the bushy sideburns and pointy "mask" tips. In fact, if that macaque wins the copyright lawsuit regarding his selfie, the Wolf's mona monkey may want to contact an attorney.

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