Holy second chances! 'Lost' Two-Face episode comes to 'Batman '66'

What's this? DC Digital Editor Jim Chadwick doubling down on the delayed debut of television's Two-Face? An unproduced script from the immortal Harlan Ellison to be adapted for the Batman '66 digital-first series?

That was the word from the DC Digital panel at this year's Comic-Con. Not to be outdone by IDW's adaptation of Ellison's original "City on the Edge of Forever" script, writer Len Wein, penciller Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and inker Joe Prado are bringing Two-Face into the Batman '66 world.

The comics version of the classic show has reached outside the filmed rogues' gallery a couple of times, alluding to familiar (and subsequently created) characters like Harley Quinn and Killer Croc. However, Two-Face stands alone (ironically) as an A-list Bat-foe without a shot at small-screen '60s stardom. According to Wikipedia, none other than Clint "Rowdy Yates" Eastwood was considered for the part (playing a scarred TV reporter instead of a prosecutor), but the character was deemed too gruesome for a kids' show.

Chadwick didn't offer any insight into Ellison's take on the character, but no matter how "gruesome" this Two-Face turns out to be, he'll probably look pretty great thanks to Garcia-Lopez and Prado.

Batman: The Lost Episode is scheduled for November.

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