Holy lawsuit, Batman! Warner Bros. sued over original Batcycle merchandising

Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox face legal allegations over unpaid merchandising rights to the Batcycle from the 1966 "Batman" series.

According to The Wrap, David Kaufman recently filed a complaint against Warner Bros. stating that the late Batcycle designer, Richard Korkes, was not compensated for the recent merchandising. Kauffman claims that Korkes brought this issue to his attention before his death, and believed his estate was owed back licensing fees.

Kauffman claims that when Korkes asked him to look into the matter, Korkes assigned the unpaid compensation to Kauffman. So far Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox have denied that any existing agreement between them and Korkes existed.

The Batcycle was designed by Tom Daniel in April of 1966 and was built by Korkes and Daniel Dempski. The Batcycle was an iconic vehicle for the 1966 "Batman" series, as it featured a side car for Robin.

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