Holmes and Watson Return in Brief Teaser For 'Sherlock' Season 3

The Sherlock Season 2 finale left viewers with several puzzles needing solving: How did Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes survive his fall? How did he fake his death? Will he reveal his existence to Martin Freeman's Watson? If he does return publicly, how will he deal with admitting to the world that he was a fake? All of which basically boils down to the classic cliffhanger conundrum of, "How will he get out of this one?"

If you were hoping to get some answers from the very first teaser trailer from the 2014-airing third season, you're out of luck. Unless of course there's more going on here that only a crime-solving genius like Sherlock Holmes could figure out. If that is the case, let the speculation begin!

Sherlock's Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue talked about the series at Comic-Con International, but also didn't reveal too many details about what's going on with the series, which will launch sometime in 2014.

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