Hollywood Sinks To New Low With E-Trade Inspired Talking Baby Caper Movie

If the talking babies in the E-Trade commercials freak you out - and, seriously, considering their weirdly animated mouths, who could blame you? - then you might want to do everything in your power to stop a new baby caper movie from being made. And, yes, I said "baby caper movie."

The Hollywood Reporter is the journal to thank for alerting us to the horror that is the untitled movie from director Clay Weiner and producer Peter Chernin that follows a group of babies who break out of their day-care center to save another baby in trouble. According to the site, the idea came to Chernin after seeing the E-Trade babies, which would be unsettling enough even if that fact didn't come accompanied by the news that the movie's original writer, Parks & Recreation veteran Katie Dippold is already being replaced. Is there no way to stop this insanity for happening, Hollywood? We let you do Battleship, but you repay us by coming up with this?!?

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