Hollywood Con Artist Targets Geoff Johns as Part of Ongoing Scam

Geoff Johns

Following an impersonation of Marvel Studios EVP of Production Victoria Alonso, the Con Queen of Hollywood has struck again. As recently as last week, the Con Queen pretended to be longtime DC producer Geoff Johns and contacted stunt workers with promises of auditions. Under the guise of Geoff Johns, the Con Queen offered to set up an audition with a well-known female producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, corporate security firm K2 Intelligence recently discovered the Con Queen is a man: "K2 Intelligence will confirm that the Con Queen of Hollywood is a man." Nevertheless, the Con Queen has impersonated several female studio heads, like Alonso, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and former Sony head Amy Pascal.

"Whoever it is can sound like a man or a woman," Johns said. "I can't quite comprehend why they're doing this."

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Johns isn't the only male producer to become the subject of the Con Queen's ploy. The Con Queen has also impersonated Jack Rapke, Richard Suckle, Tim Sullivan, Jake Meyers and Jon Jashni.

As part of the scam, the Con Queen of Hollywood impersonates producers and studio executives. After assuming these identities, the Con Queen contacts actors, photographers, stunt performers, military veterans, make-up artists and more for potential sexual or monetary exploitation. He often tricks the victim into performing a sexually explicit audition.

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The Con Queen uses "auditions" and fake offers of work to convince victims to come to Indonesia. Despite promises of reimbursement, he has victims pay upfront costs for services like translation, driving and logistical help, then likely pockets the money himself.

The FBI has been investigating the Con Queen since late last year. "Please be advised this is an ongoing fraud scheme and individuals who have plans to travel to Indonesia for a job opportunity in the entertainment industry should perform additional research and proceed with caution," the organization said in a statement. The FBI has set up a website for victims to share their statements and any details about their incident.

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