15 More Hollywood Knockouts Who Cosplayed As Superheroes


Celebrities -- like a lot of us -- love dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a while. For actors, that’s literally their job, but for any type of celebrity -- models, singers and socialites alike -- wearing outlandish clothes and being someone else is a major part of their lives and careers. Is it any wonder, therefore, that celebrities love dressing as their favorite superheroes?

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Cosplay has never been as big as it is right now, and like a lot of popular trends, you know that celebrities want to get involved. It’s also true that superheroes are so in the mainstream zeitgeist, it’s enough to make your head spin. Did you ever imagine so many people would cosplay as Harley Quinn outside of the usual convention circuits? Combine those two facts and you get a perfect storm of celebrities dressing up like superheroes. Some of the following costumes are for Halloween, some are for TV appearance or photoshoots, and some are just for fun. Whatever the reason, we here at CBR love to see the biggest stars embrace their inner geek. So, here are 15 Hollywood knockouts who cosplayed as your favorite superheroes!


It’s not unfair to say that Lindsay Lohan has a lot in common with Harleen Quinzel. Both have had their run ins with the law, both have got a bad-girl image; of course, Harley is literally a murdering villain, so there's a bit of difference. Neither is very shy about being in the public eye, good or bad. When one decides to dress as the other, there’s a certain sort of sense to that.

It’s pretty unlikely that Harley will dress as Lindsay Lohan, but seeing as Harley is literally the most popular female comics character to dress as right now, it was only a matter of time before Ms. Lohan indulged. She dressed as the infamous Dr Quinzel for a Halloween party in 2016, choosing the Suicide Squad movie version made famous by Margot Robbie.


Is there a female celebrity who loves cosplay as much as Olivia Munn? Maybe Heidi Klum, who always manages to create amazing Halloween costumes, but Munn has cornered the market on geeky celebs that love to dress up as their favorite characters. We’ve also yet to see her look anything but awesome in whatever costume she chooses, and this instance is no exception.

Munn chose the classic Street Fighter character Chun Li for a Complex.com video, and the look totally suits her. There’s no denying that Chun Li is one of the most popular Street Fighter characters to cosplay as, and over the years there’ve been many weird and wild variations. Here, though, Munn’s going for the traditional look. Especially fun is what appear to be inflatable spiky wrist bands that finish the look, and the attitude on display, in that pose: pretty perfect.


When choosing to cosplay as catwoman, you’ve got to know that you can pull off the look. That look actually has nothing to do with body type, but more to do with confidence. If you can absolutely own it, then Catwoman may be the costume for you. It’s safe to say that Nicole Scherzinger owns it.

What may appear at first glance to be a standard skin tight (and pretty revealing) black catsuit is completed with the accessories that turn the whole costume into that of Batman’s cat burglar enemy/love interest. The black leather wrist bands and the cat ears wouldn’t normally scream Catwoman, but the headpiece is definitely inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s turn as Selina Kyle in Batman Returns and for us, that makes this a successful cosplay.


Sometimes, the costume you wear is only half of the experience. The outfit is only going to work if you fully embrace the attitude and demeanor of the character you’re emulating. Never let it be said that Beyonce doesn’t completely give her all to any project. The ex-Destiny’s Child singer and current world-dominating Queen Bey showed us that Sasha Fierce isn’t the only alter-ego that Beyonce likes to indulge in, as this photo -- from a batch of personal pics the singer/actor uploaded to her Tumblr back in 2012 -- proves.

Spider-Man is always a tricky character for celebrities to cosplay, because once that mask is on, there’s no way of telling who you actually are underneath. Beyonce skillfully sidestepped that problem by reducing the hood to a simple domino mask, allowing her to show off her own unique take on everyone’s favorite web-slinging wall-crawler.


Now, before you say anything: this totally counts! Yes, seeing Tom Hiddleston dress as the character that he’s basically made his own in not only three Thor movies but the first Avengers film -- one of the highest grossing films of all time, mind you -- shouldn’t really count as cosplay, but keep in mind that on this occasion, he wasn’t filming any of those movies.

During the Hall H Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic Con 2013, the proceedings were suddenly interrupted by Loki storming the stage and causing the appropriate amount of theatrical menace. The crowd obviously went wild as Hiddleston -- never dropping out of character -- threatened the crowd, silenced them with the wave of a finger and drove fans insane with his wonderful, scene-chewing performance.


It’s always great to see someone take on the classics. Over the years, there have been dozens of variations of Batman’s costume, both in the comics and the movies, and the same goes for the entire Bat-Family. It could be nostalgia talking, but the Batman TV show look is among the best.

Perrey Reeves (Entourage, Old School, Mr and Mrs Smith) obviously agrees with this, as she, her husband Aaron Fox and his brother Bryan chose the Batman ‘66 look for their Halloween costume in 2014, with Reeves herself going for the classic purple Batgirl costume. While the Batman and Robin costumes look like they could do with a good iron, there’s no denying that Reeves looks the part, right down to the cape, cowl and utility belt.


Fashion Designer, model and socialite Nicky Hilton has chosen to play to her strengths, with a traditional Supergirl outfit that uses her classic blonde beauty to the full advantage of the costume. The sister of Paris Hilton has more than a passing resemblance to classic Supergirl actor Helen Slater, with her All-American aesthetic working with the outfit to make her a perfect match for the cousin of the Man of Steel.

We’re not quite sure that the handbag really goes with a career in crime-fighting, and Nicky’s forgone the more traditional red boots for a pair of heels instead, but the rest of the outfit looks spot-on. We’re pretty confident that she won’t be giving current CW Supergirl Melissa Benoist a run for her money anytime soon, but for a choice of superhero costume, she could not have chosen better.


With their on-again, off-again relationship ongoing for nearly 10 years, perhaps Kourtney and Scott aren’t the best choice for the airtight crime-fighting team of Batman and Robin, but they certainly rocked this couples Halloween costume from a few years ago. Does it say anything about their dynamic that Scott is Robin and Kourtney is Batman? Maybe, but we’re not speculating.

The couple is now separated, which would seem to spell an end to their crime-fighting days, but with two children they’re always going to be a part of each other’s lives, and maybe being a parenting team is the tightest team anyway? Scott’s padded Robin suit seems a bit silly on someone so tall, but Kourtney is killing it as Batman, with the boots and the domino mask completing the look.


If there’s a contender for Harley Quinn’s crown as “Most Cosplayed Batman Villain for Women”, then it has to go to Poison Ivy, right? Her green outfit is instantly recognizable while being as flexible as possible for cosplayers to adapt it to their own needs. There’s always a sexiness to Ivy, that’s a big part of her character, but you can turn that up or down as necessary.

Actor and singer Jessica Lowndes -- most famously known for her role in 90210 -- has chosen to turn up the sexiness to 11 with her take on Batman’s most green fingered villain. The tiny green costume is contrasted by the large, bright red wig which -- while relatively simple -- is nevertheless iconically Ivy. The make-up and greenery in the hair help to complete the look.


If there’s one TV show that cycles through an unfeasibly large amount of outlandish costumes week after week, it’s Dancing With The Stars, so it was only a matter of time before they tackle superhero cosplay -- or, in this case, supervillains.

The Joker and Harley Quinn are a very popular couples costume, as the twisted duo make for a pretty iconic look. During the 2016 season of DWTS, Canadian IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe and ballroom dancer Jenna Johnson chose the Suicide Squad version of the villains as their dancing outfits, and it was extremely fitting. Not only did they choose a waltz (which we’ve seen the villainous pair dance on some classic comics covers), but the song choice was “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore, which is even more appropriate.


Olivia Munn once again proves that she knows how to do cosplay right, as she chooses Sailor Moon for this convention outfit. Munn wore the outfit for San Diego Comic Con back in 2011, and the double peace signs prove she knows how to pose to maximize the effect of the outfit.

This wasn’t, however, the first time she wore this outfit. The former co-host of Attack of The Show dressed as a member of Sailor Moon for the Halloween episode of the show back in 2008, so for over three years she kept hold of this outfit, knowing full well that it would come in handy again. Besides, if you look this good in a costume, wouldn’t you hold onto it and wear it again?


The older sister of Hilary Duff has many feathers in her cap. Being an actress, writer, fashion designer, singer/songwriter, television host and mother would be enough for most people, but no: Haylie Duff wants to go all out and be a superhero as well!

Dressing as Wonder Woman seems fitting for someone as talented as Haylie Duff, and while the pink and white scarf and black suede boots aren’t exactly correct for the look of Diana Prince, the rest of the outfit is pretty spot on. The wig (complete with tiara), the dress, the cape and the golden bracelets all help to complete the look of the Amazonian Princess. While her sister Hilary has chosen not to fight crime as a near immortal warrior goddess, we’re pretty glad that Haylie did.


The best thing about this cosplay is that Ben Mckenzie knows exactly what he’s doing, and what he’s doing is giving the fans just what they want. The former star of The O.C. is currently deeply entrenched in the crime-riddled streets of a pre-Batman Gotham in the show of the same name, playing -- you guessed it -- James Gordon.

Here though, Mckenzie has decided to take a brave look into the future of his character on the show, and take a guess at what he’d look like as the grey-haired, grizzled police commissioner that we all know and love. Of course, this is the look we’re all more accustomed to, as it looks to be styled on the version seen in Batman: The Animated Series, so it’s fun to see Mckenzie dress as a more iconic version of his TV persona.


Seth Green is no stranger to comedy. His pivotal parts in the Austin Powers trilogy, Family Guy and Robot Chicken have earned him the right to dress as the Joker. His wife, Clare Grant is an actor, model and singer known for her roles in Walk The Line and Black Snake Moan, so she’s more than familiar with the level of drama needed to play as Harley Quinn. Together, then, this is a particularly perfect couples costume.

Naturally you don’t need any qualifications to dress as your favorite comic book characters, but it’s possibly their combined professional experience that allows them to completely own these roles that they’ve inhabited for a couples Halloween outfit. Certainly their pose in this picture -- Grant’s confident air and Green’s dramatic flair -- seem to show a pair who are very much in their element.


Elisabetta Canalis knows how to pose as Wonder Woman. With her wrists crossed, the Italian model, presenter and showgirl proves that she knows what she’s doing as she dresses for a Halloween party back in 2013. This was nearly four years before the movie came out too, so Canalis must have some familiarity with the character.

It could be her Italian heritage or her classic beauty, but the world famous model seems perfectly suited for the Themysciran goddess. She seems to have gone traditional with her look too. The tiara and boots are a classic part of Wonder Woman’s style that hearkens back to her earliest days, but was popularized in the TV adaptation from the late '70s. Wherever Canalis took her inspiration from, it’s clear that she embodies the character in every way.

Do you know of any other celebs who like to play dress up? Let us know in the comments!

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