'Hobbes & Me' puts an off-kilter new spin on a beloved classic

In the nostalgia-fueled hunt for anything and everything related to Calvin and Hobbes and its reclusive creator Bill Watterson, Hobbes & Me appears to have gone largely unnoticed, at least until now. You're slipping, internet.

In the 2014 web series, playwright Rafael Casal and rapper/actor Daveed Diggs re-enact 12 of the strips, remaining true to Watterson's dialogue and staging, while making their own choices with delivery. Diggs, who went on to originate the roles of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette in Hamilton, dons striped pants and faux-tiger fur coat for his performance as Hobbes, while Casal does with the more subdued striped shirt of Calvin.

As The A.V. Club points out, Hobbes & Me goes so far as to mimic the original format of Calvin and Hobbes, with most of the episodes in black and white, just like the daily strips, while "I Can't Sleep" shifts to color as it interprets a Sunday installment.

It's a wonderful tribute to an old favorite that may make you look at the source material from another angle, and then send you digging for your collected editions.

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