Hoax Hunters back-up feature American Nature out-Mads Mad

You'd think with "comic" in the name, comic books would be funnier. One comic strip aiming to fix that is American Nature, a comic strip series running as a back-up feature in Image's Hoax Hunters.

Launched inside September's Hoax Hunters #2, American Nature is Mad Magazine by way of Chester Brown's Yummy Fur or Kieron Dwyer's LCD. Featuring a rotating cast of stars including the excellent Phylo the Cheeseburger, American Nature comes from a quartet of creators: writers Mark Koprinarov and Dave Landsberger with art by Greg and Fake Petre.

Currently the only place to read American Nature is inside the pages of Hoax Hunters, but considering the vibrancy and vitality of this work, I'd be first in line should they expand to thier own series or even a mere collection of past work.


Here's a sample of what they've done so far:

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