Hoarse & Buggy Productions Launches Second Title, "Elk's Run"

Official Press Release

The critically acclaimed creators of cult indie hit Western Tales ofTerror are back, this time with a stark and dramatic look inside smalltown America, ELK'S RUN. An 8 Issue Limited Series, bi-monthly, andin glorious Full Color, Elk's Run has a spotlight in this month'sissue of Previews.


Do you remember your first kiss? The first time you drove a car?

How about when your friend was killed or the first time you saw yourfather murder someone?

John Kohler's coming of age story is unlike any you've ever read. He'sgrowing up in Elk's Ridge, West Virginia, a once thriving mining townnow cut off from the rest of the world; its secrets hidden for years.But when local police and FBI agents begin to investigate the town,the citizens of Elk's Ridge will be forced to finally stand by theideologies they choose to adhere to, no matter the cost.


"A genuinely creepy scenario washed in moody colors and possessing apervasive atmosphere of mystery and genuine suspense. One of thoseoriginal books that jumps up and grabs your attention." - B. ClayMoore (Hawaiian Dick, Battle Hymn)

"Elk's Run uses evocative art and authentic dialogue to tell a storythat combines the coming of age and suspense genres in a way thattranscends both." – Phli Hester (Green Arrow, Deep Sleeper)

"Elk's Run is strong, character-based horror. The kind that buildsslowly and gets under your skin. Sort of like Demo meets old-schoolHellblazer, and yes that's definitely a good thing." – Stuart Moore(Lone, Para, Firestorm)

"In a few short pages, Josh and Noel made us want to see what happensnext, and that's a mark of a good story, well told." – Larry Young(Publisher AIT/PlaneLar)


Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer, is the creator of Western Tales ofTerror, editor-in-chief of Hoarse and Buggy Productions, and haswritten for Hero Happy Hour, several independent anthologies, andquite a few critically acclaimed stories in Western Tales of Terror.

Noel Tuazon, artist, is a freelance illustrator who's done severalsmall press books, and has worked for Moonstone Publishing.

Scott A. Keating, colorist, is a freelance illustrator and coloristwho has worked as lead artist on Western Tales of Terror, and ascolorist on IDW's Secret Skull, and Image's The Wicked West, tocritical acclaim.

Elk's Run is available for preorder in the February Previews, onstands now, on page 306, product order number: FEB052900

For a preview of art and more information, go to www.elksrun-thecomic.com or www.hoarseandbuggy.com

[Editor's Note: For more on "Elk's Run," check out our feature article here.

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