Hoarding Batman can't part with that rainbow costume

Despite my unease about their exploitative natures, I can be easily sucked in to marathons of A&E's Hoarders or TLC's more alarmingly named Hoarding: Buried Alive. They're both glimpses into an alien world and terrifying cautionary tales, fodder for nightmares as I warily eye the shelves in my office and bedroom groaning under the weight of far too many books.

Considering that such compulsive behavior so often seems to be triggered by an emotional trauma -- say, the loss of a family member -- it's perhaps no surprise that Bruce Wayne should come under suspicion of hoarding by one of Kerry Callen's friends, leading to the cartoonist's latest comic strip, simply titled "Batman: Hoarder."

"The seed was planted," writes Callen, who's no stranger to readers of ROBOT 6. "I knew I wouldn't stop thinking about it until I drew something about it. I can stop thinking about it now."

As he notes, all of the items on the bottom of the first page are from actual Batman stories. See the full strip, and issue citations, on Callen's blog.

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