Hitoshi Shinso: The Rise of My Hero Academia's Mind-Controller

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Of all the colorful characters in the popular anime series My Hero Academia, one of the most interesting and powerful is the aspiring superhero Hitoshi Shinso. Hitoshi is a student at U.A. High School, the series' main setting where he and his classmates train to become superheroes, and possesses the powerful Quirk, or superpower, to mentally control those around him.

While he's a bit of loner due to his unkempt appearance and nature of his Quirk, Hitoshi has quickly become a fan-favorite character for audiences. Now, CBR has everything you need to know about this superhero-in-training including his backstory, his powerful abilities and why Hitoshi connects with so many fans of the series.

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Pale, reserved, and with messy purple hair and tired eyes, Hitoshi Shinso was mistrusted by many due to his appearance and his powers. This led to Hitoshi being ostracized constantly by his peers growing up, which lead him to become an outsider. When he is first introduced, Hitoshi has no interest in becoming friends with his classmates and is quietly resentful of those with more traditional superhero powers and abilities.

Despite his withdrawn demeanor and being resentment by some of his classmates, Hitoshi begins to soften somewhat as the series progresses, befriending fellow students like Izuku Midoriya and Denki Kaminari as he continues his training despite the misconceptions about his nature.


Hitoshi's Quirk is dubbed Brainwashing, a powerful ability that puts those he commands verbally under his mental control. The power is a voluntary one for Hitoshi and the aspiring hero can extend it to multiple individuals within audible distance though greater numbers of those he's mentally controlling puts a higher strain on his body, running the risk of Hitoshi passing out from the effort. Similarly, why his targets under his control and complete basic commands, orders that require higher brain functions, including drawing things from memory, are largely unsuccessful.

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To augment his Quirk, Hitoshi employs a mask he refers to as Artificial Vocal Cords. The device alters Hitoshi's voice to mimic others and make his targets even more susceptible to his powers. As standard voice modulators, including microphones and megaphones, negate Hitoshi's Quirk, the Artificial Vocal Cords device only changes the pitch and tone or Hitoshi's voice instead of raising the volume above its normal limits.


As one of the most beloved characters in the popular anime series, Hitoshi Shinso is that outsider character that doesn't quite fit in with his peers; isolated by his appearance and what he can do with how he chooses to employ his powers. Those feelings of alienation are practically universal and his resentment towards more conventional, popular kids makes Hitoshi an incredibly sympathetic figure.

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And while there is a deep sense of disenfranchisement with Hitoshi, he is not an overly hostile or off-putting character and is actually fairly socially adept when he wants to be. These qualities make Hitoshi that sort of lovable loner who's accessible enough to appeal to wide audiences but specific enough to hold a special appeal to social outsiders. With the series returning for its fourth season this year, Hitoshi Shinso will hopefully take on a much larger role.

Season 4 of My Hero Academia will premiere this October.

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