Hitman Producer Teams With Vault Comics To Launch Graphic Novel Slate

Vault Comics

Vault Comics has announced that they are teaming up with film producers Adrian Askarieh ("Hitman: Agent 47") and F.J. DeSanto ("The Spirit") to develop a slate of high-concept comic titles from writer Tim Daniel.

“Tim’s slate of Vault books have been conceived to extend well beyond the pages of the comic books themselves and provide us with a very potent opportunity to generate exciting, and topical, dramatic material for television shows and feature films,” Askarieh said, in the report at The Hollywood Reporter .

Daniel has a considerably long resume as both comics author and graphics designer. His most famous comic is the eco-apocalyptic thriller "Enormous", which he created with illustrator Mehdi Cheggour. He is also responsible for the four-parter "The Walking Dead Survivors’ Guide." As for graphic design, he is best known for his logo and interior design works for banners like Image Comics, Shadowline, Skybound, and more.

Vault Comics plans to get on with the release of the slate soon, with a target publish date already slated in February 2017. Askarieh will then work with Vault Comics to help adapt the comics into other mediums. The initial slate include the following titles:


"The Atoll" will center on "an Olympic athlete who is kidnapped and finds herself off the coast of Australia in an arena where contestants are forced to combat a 21-foot Great White shark."


"Fissure" is a graphic novel set in a Tex-Mex border town where a young couple deals with "a mysterious force is slowly that is living in an ever-growing chasm, which is slowly devouring their town."


The futuristic thriller "Spiritus" is "set in a world where criminals have their consciousness transferred into labor machines. An MMA fighter who gets convicted of killing her husband finds herself a pawn of a ruthless prison syndicate leader who is building an army of free machines in order to create a brutal revolution."

"Morning Star", meanwhile, tells the story of a mother in mourning of her firefighter husband's death. In a bid to heal her fractured family, she takes her children to revisit the site where he died, little anticipating the otherworldly things that lay ahead.

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