Hitman 2 Gameplay Trailer Sends Agent 47 to Colombia

Hitman 2

A new gameplay trailer for Hitman 2 reveals that Agent 47 is heading to Colombia.

The teaser showcases footage of the game in all its violent glory, with Agent 47 dispatched to deal with a drug cartel that controls the village of Santa Fortuna. A highly trained and efficient hitman (naturally), Agent 47 has been hired to help bring down the cartel when its leadership arrives.

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“It is a rare occurrence to have all three cartel leaders present in the village at the same time,” narrates Agent 47’s handler, Diana Burnwood. “So, we need to slay a three headed serpent. Happy hunting, 47.”

The gameplay seems to be a further expansion of the hit first game’s approach to stealth tactics. It’s completely within the player’s hands how to dispatch the targets, leading to a whole host of options to utilize during their execution of the mission. This can range from running and gunning, using your surroundings to ensure kills, or just getting up close and personal with stealth.

Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman 2 is scheduled to be released Nov. 13 by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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