Hitch a ride with "The Passenger" in November

Official Press Release

SOMERVILLE, MA – September 1, 2004. Cyberosia Publishing officially announced today that it is publishing Marc Bryant (Shangri-La) and Mal Jones (Overtime) new graphic novel, THE PASSENGER.

THE PASSENGER is the story of superstar director Finch Jenkins, a man who has it all: fame, fortune, women…and the ghost of convicted murderer

Gary Divine using him in a redemption scam. Finch is stuck with the bad perm and gold chain wearing Divine until he helps free his soul. But there's a catch...there's always a catch....

"We were looking for something different after the sci-fi gloom of Overtime," says author Marc Bryant, "so we turned to what may seem an unlikely pairing: horror and comedy. It gave me a chance to mix together horror, slapstick comedy, pop culture commentary, with some character driven drama to top it off. It's a book for both Mal and me, and we hope you enjoy it, too."

THE PASSENGER, a black and white, 96 page graphic novel will be available this November. It will retail for $12.95 and is available to preorder from your local comics retailer with Diamond Order Code SEP04 2562. Visit http://www.cyberosia.com or www.maljones.com/passenger for a free pdf preview of the book.

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