Hit the bricks, True Believers: a LEGO Stan Lee bust and playset

Stan Lee has been immortalized in comics, on television and film, in toys and even in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game, but never actually in LEGO. However, a proposal at LEGO Ideas could change that.

It's LEGO Stan Lee, a bust of the legendary writer constructed from 649 LEGO bricks. It even includes his signature sunglasses!

By now you likely know how LEGO Ideas works: Brick enthusiasts share their proposals for new LEGO sets, and those that garner at least 10,000 votes of support over a year's time will be reviewed by designers and marketers from the toymaker. A select few are then put into production, with the creator receiving credit and royalties.

LEGO Stan Lee launched mere days ago, meaning it still has plenty of time to reach its goal.

If a Stan Lee minifigure is more to your tastes, a proposal for a Stan Lee's Office LEGO set was submitted just last month, featuring the comics creator as he appears in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in the setting made famous by his "Stan's Rants" video series. The 134-piece set would also include a Spider-Man minifig, Captain America's shield, Iron-Man's helmet, Thor's hammer and (best of all) a photo of Jack Kirby.

(via Brick Fanatics)

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