Mark Millar Recruits International Artists to Track Hit-Girl's Adventures

Mark Millar has already promised that his latest expansion of the Kick-Ass universe will make Hit-Girl "our fucked up version of Tintin." But the Millarworld/Netflix/Image Comics creator has more than a set of globe-trotting adventures planned for the new series he's curating. Aside from tapping an all-star roster of creators to move Mindy McCready forward, Millar is also calling on artists from the various countries Hit-Girl will visit to create special variants for each new arc.

Hit-Girl #4 variant by Juan Pablo Corredor Martinez.

CBR has an exclusive first look at some of the international variants on tap, including the planned variant for Hit-Girl #4 by Colombian artist Juan Pablo Corredor Martinez (the final part of Millar and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz's story) and fan-favorite Karl Kerschl's variant for issue #5 (which kicks off Jeff Lemire and Eduardo Risso's Canada-themed story). Millar also shared Matteo Scalera's variant for #4 while promising that future arcs will feature cover efforts from Italian artist Tanino Liberatore (for Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone's Rome-set story) as well as local artists from Hollywood, Hong Kong, Paris, London and Mumbai.

Hit-Girl #4 cover by Matteo Scalera.

For May's issue #4, the international variant highlights not only Hit-Girl but also the arc's villain Mano and grieving mother Senora Gallo above the city of Palmira. Artist Juan Pablo Corredor Martinez said of the effort, "Making the art for this cover was as fun and exciting at it sounds, Hit-Girl is a really interesting character, a little girl and cold-blooded antihero who fights crime. Having the chance to give my own take on this adventure was really inspiring.

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"I think this issue gives [readers] a great lesson. Despite the fact that Mindy has come to Colombia to fight criminals, she is going to witness how Colombian people overcome the pain caused by violence and have the strength to move on."

Hit-Girl #5 variant by Karl Kerschl.

Kerschl's cover to Hit-Girl #5 will follow in June. he next issue to hit stands is #2, in comics stores this Wednesday, March 28, from Image Comics.

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