Kevin Smith to Write Hit-Girl Miniseries

A new superstar creative team is launching the second season of Hit-Girl in February with the pint-sized crimefighter taking the action to Hollywood.

Fan-favorite filmmaker and comic book writer Kevin Smith will team up with bestselling animation artist Pernille Ørum  (DC Super Hero Girls) for a new arc starring the popular Kick-Ass breakout character in a four-issue story beginning in Hit-Girl Season Two #1. The regular cover by Francesco Francavilla and variant cover by Amanda Conner for the debut issue are below:

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Created by writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita, Jr. in 2008's Kick-Ass #3, Mindy McCready is trained by her father to become the ultimate killing machine, dispensing justice with lethal efficiency any criminal unfortunate to cross her path. An instant hit with readers, the character would receive her own eponymous miniseries from the original creative team in 2012.

Hit-Girl, along with Kick-Ass, were revived by Millar in comic book form after bringing both properties to Image Comics this past February with Millar relaunching the title with artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. The new series took upped the stakes to take Mindy's war on crime international with the initial installment following her to Colombia. The series has since seen a rotating creative team with the second arc by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Eduardo Risso and the third and current arc by Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone.

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Hit-Girl Season Two #1 is written by Kevin Smith and illustrated by Pernille Ørum. It is scheduled to go on sale on February 13 from Image Comics.

In the meantime, the next issue of Hit-Girl to be released is Hit-Girl #11, written by Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone and illustrated by Albuquerque. It is on sale today from Image Comics.

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