EXCLUSIVE: John Romita Jr. Reunites With Hit-Girl In Wicked Variant


Aside from his Millarworld label's recent acquisition by Netflix, Mark Millar isn't just expanding into more TV opportunities. 2018 sees the writer strike back in comic shops with two new revivals based on his most successful series, and Kick-Ass co-creator John Romita, Jr. is on hand for both the new legacy expansion of the main franchise and the latest Hit-Girl spinoff.

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Today, CBR has an exclusive first look at Romita's incoming variant for Hit-Girl #1, which arrives in comic shops on February 21 from Image Comics.

“You didn’t really think we were going to launch Hit-Girl monthly without a Johnny Romita cover, did you?" Millar asked CBR. "This series has arcs by the best of the best over the next three years, from Kevin Smith to Eduardo Risso and Frank Quitely to Rafael Albuquerque. We’ve poured everything we can into this book and tried to make both this and the Kick-Ass monthly the best talent money can buy in terms of who’s out there.

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"But launching Hit-Girl without Johnny Romita is like having an Avengers movie without Robert Downey Jr. Here he is and I think it might be my favorite cover from him ever. Also, my sensational friend Rob Doyle has done one for us too, and I can’t wait to see what people think. These start as pencil drawings and he works it all up to the point where it’s so like a photograph, I have to double-check. I love this guy’s stuff so much, and I'm very proud to have him here, too."

Hit-Girl #1 arrives February 21, a week after the all-new Kick-Ass #1 makes its debut.

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