Hit: How Strong is Dragon Ball Super's Legendary Assassin?

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Dragon Ball Super has introduced a whole host of new characters to Akira Toriyama's long-running Dragon Ball franchise, many of whom rivaling the series' classic fighters in strength and raw power. One of the strangest, most unique characters to debut in Super is the assassin Hit.

As the greatest contract killer from the alternate world of Universe 6, Hit is a thousand-year old assassin who has never failed contract, with a famous reputation for killing his targets with a single strike and the uncanny skill to locate his opponents' vital points. Hit faced off against Goku and the Z Fighters on several occasions, eventually revealed as the strongest single fighter in Universe 6 before Kale and Caulifla's fusion into Kefla. Now, CBR is taking a look at just how strong this assassin really is.

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Hit makes his first appearance during the Tournament of Destroyers, a contest of champions between Universe 6 and 7, with Hit as the strongest fighter from Universe 6. With the tournament's strict rule against using lethal force, Hit only uses a fraction of his full potential during the competition. Despite this, Hit easily dispatches Vegeta during their match, even with the Saiyan Prince fighting at his strongest form of Super Saiyan Blue.

It is Goku who faces Hit in the semi-final round of the tournament, with the two warriors' escalating brawl so intense that it severely damages the arena. After a long drawn-out fight, Goku realizes that Hit will never face with him at his full potential during the contest, unable to fight with the intent to kill. Disappointed and frustrated, Goku surprises everyone by intentionally forfeiting his match against Hit in protest.


With his abilities to temporarily manipulate both space and time, Hit is one of the most uniquely unorthodox fighters in all of Dragon Ball. Hit's signature move is a technique referred to as Time-Skip let allows the assassin to move a tenth of a second into the future, giving him the illusion of untrackable speed which he uses both defensively and offensively. With this technique, Hit can also trap opponents in something he refers to as a Time Cage which temporarily incapacitates them. In addition to altering time, Hit can create a pocket dimension that allows him brief bursts of intangibility as he slips into the alternate dimension, also allowing him a form of teleportation. And, befitting his reputation as an assassin, Hit can focus all his energy in a single blow known as the Phoenix Eye Fist which allows him to efficiently kill targets, even those considerably stronger than himself.

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While Hit does not possess a discernibly physical transformation like many other fighters in Dragon Ball to reach higher levels of power, he can consciously augment the level of energy he uses in battle. Using his full potential, Hit improves his manipulation of time to be able to skip a fifth to half a second into the future while able to freeze opponents momentarily, a skill that proves invaluable in combat.


Goku and Hit first fight in the semi-finals of the Tournament of Destroyers after Hit easily defeats Vegeta. After their first round of sparring, Goku is able to read Hit's movements and predict his Time-Skip technique. After being initially taken aback, Hit takes the fight more seriously forcing Goku to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. However, using his full potential, Hit's Time-Skip technique has improved dramatically, causing the assassin to outmatch Goku in his then-most powerful form. In response, Goku combines his Super Saiyan Blue transformation with the Kaio-Ken technique which boosts his body beyond its normal limits in bursts. With this strategy, Goku surpasses Hit's Time-Skip even at its enhanced state though he ultimately forfeits after realizing that Hit cannot truly use his full potential without employing lethal force.

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Interested in facing Hit once again without limits, Goku has Whis hire the assassin to kill him and test his full power. It is in their rematch that Hit demonstrates his ability to go intangible and teleport, surprising Goku and giving Hit an early advantage. Goku eventually begins to predict Hit's tactics with the two fighting to a standstill before collapsing from exhaustion. Upon learning that Goku put the contract on himself, a good-natured Hit decides to withdraw, vowing to fight Goku again one day.

Second only to the fused Saiyan warrior Kefla as the strongest fighter from Universe 6, Hit appears to be every inch Goku's equal for much of Dragon Ball Super. It is only when Goku gains access to the Ultra Instinct form during the anime's final storyline that the Universe 7 Saiyan unmistakably surpasses Hit in power. However with Hit continuing to show new levels of strength and increased mastery over time and space each time he appears, another rematch between the two fighters may not go as decisively to Goku as one might initially expect.

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