History of the Marvel Universe Trailer Reveals the MU's Final Survivors

This week sees Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez team up to launch the miniseries History of the Marvel Universe, recounting all the major moments of the Marvel timeline from the Big Bang to the entropic end of reality.

On the eve of the miniseries' launch, Marvel Comics has launched a trailer for the debut issue as Waid and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort provide a sneak peek at the issue while revealing its framing device: Galactus and Franklin Richards as the last two survivors at the end of time, remembering the universe's history before its rebirth in a new Big Bang.

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"It’s a series made not just for hardcore Marvel fans, although they will love it," observed Waid. "If there’s anything you loved about the Marvel Universe, it’s in this book somewhere."

With every page chock full of characters and events illustrated by Rodriguez from the dawn of time, the miniseries really is a love letter to the entire history of the bestselling comic universe.

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"It really is a visual cornucopia," declared Brevoort. "You’ll be able to stare at these pages for hours at a time and find new things that are in them.”

History of the Marvel Universe #1 is written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Javier Rodriguez. It is scheduled to go on sale on July 24 from Marvel Comics.

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