History of the Marvel Universe #1 Takes You on a Timely Journey

Marvel plans to take readers on a brand new journey with its newest series, History of the Marvel Universe.

Writer Mark Waid (Avengers No Road Home, Daredevil) and artists Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez (Exiles) are teaming together to reveal the definite history of the Marvel Universe.

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History of the Marvel Universe aims to reveal previous unexplored and undiscovered secrets about the Marvel Universe. The six-part comic will explore every secret, from Marvel's Big Bang to its eventual twilight hours. It will also cover every factoid of the grand universe, analyzing it through fresh eyes. Iconic Marvel stories will be re-examined through this six-part series aiming to educate and inform fans old and new.

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“We’ve seen Marvel histories and Marvel encyclopedias and Marvel handbooks, and I love that stuff," Waid said in a statement. "I absorb them like Galactus absorbs planets,” Waid told Marvel. “This is not that. There’s information here, but there’s also a story. The Marvel Universe is a living thing, it is its own story, and we’re trying to approach it with some degree of heart to find the heart in that story so it doesn’t read like 120 pages of Wikipedia.”

Written by Mark Waid with art by Javier Rodriguez and a cover by Steve McNiven, History of the Marvel Universe arrives in July from Marvel Comics.

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