"Hip Flask: Unnatural Selection" Back To Press after 26,000 Copy Sell-Out

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA -- May 12, 2006 -- With the excitement mounting higher as the release of ELEPHANTMEN from Image Comics draws near, Active Images announces that the book that started it all, HIP FLASK: UNNATURAL SELECTION, has sold out! The total number of UNNATURAL SELECTION books sold is an amazing 26,000 copies, an outstanding number for a small press publisher.

Image Comics and Active Images are arranging for a Director's Cut reprint of UNNATURAL SELECTION soon to support the all-new monthly HIP FLASK series, ELEPHANTMEN, which launches this July.

"HIP FLASK's success has been very rewarding for me," said Richard Starkings, creator of HIP FLASK and ELEPHANTMEN. "To see it grow and mature, and sell so successfully in such a competitive market, just blows me away. I can't thank retailers and fans enough for their support of this book over the years. And, of course, I couldn't have made the book without my good friends Ladronn and Joe Casey."

A few copies of the hardcover edition of HIP FLASK: UNNATURAL SELECTION (Active Images, Writers: Starkings and Joe Casey, Artist: Ladronn; $29.95, ISBN: 0-9740567-0-7, full color, 48-page oversized hardcover) are still available at good comic book stores and on Amazon.com The book collects the remastered and expanded 'widescreen' art and story from UNNATURAL SELECTION and also pages and covers from HIP FLASK: ELEPHANTMEN.

ELEPHANTMEN (Image Comics, $2.99, 32 pages, ongoing monthly series) begins this July with covers by Ladronn and stories by Starkings and regular series artist Moritat. Future issues will feature back-up stories by guest artists such as Henry "DREDD/ALIENS" Flint, Tom "GODLAND" Scioli, Duncan THE NIGHTMARIST" Rouleau, David "SPAWN" Hine, and a whole issue by Joe "SUPERGIRL" Kelly, Chris "X-MEN" Bachalo and Aron "DEAD SAMURAI" Lusen. For more on ELEPHANTMEN, go to http://www.hipflask.com/issues/elephantmen01/

Issues 2 and 3 of HIP FLASK -- HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY and HIP FLASK: ELEPHANTMEN -- are still available in finer comic book stores.


Active Images is the publishing arm of COMICRAFT, the lettering and design studio founded by President & First Tiger Richard Starkings and Secret Weapon John 'JG' Roshell in 1992. Active Images entered the world of print publishing in 2002 with Hip Flask: Unnatural Selection and in only a few short years became a publisher of great note, putting out a compelling and eclectic line of graphic novels featuring some of the most talented and up-and-coming creators in the industry, including: Solstice (Steven T. Seagle & Justin Norman), The Spiral Cage (Al Davison), Ballast (Joe Kelly & Ilya), Strange Embrace (David Hine), Temptation, Skidmarks, Gunpowder Girl and the Outlaw Squaw, The Fly Chronicles, and Brickman Begins. Industry legends Dave Sim, Alan Moore and Will Eisner are just a few who have sung the praises of Active Images's lineup. Active Images's most recent graphic novel. THE NIGHTMARIST, by Duncan Rouleau, was published this March to critical acclaim. Read more at www.activeimages.com

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