Hill Talks Dimension Films Deal for "Locke & Key"

The last time CBR News spoke with New York Times best-selling author Joe Hill about "Locke & Key," the book's first issue was just about to go on sale in comic book stores.

The book hit last Wednesday, and readers liked it -- they really liked it. In fact, "Locke & Key" sold out its first printing that day. But better yet, someone amongst those who really liked it must have shared their enthusiasm with Bob and Harvey Weinstein as their motion picture company, Dimension Films, quickly announced yesterday the purchase of the property's television and film rights from IDW Publishing and that "Locke & Key" has been optioned for a motion picture.

"I'm floored that the first issue has sold as well as it has, and yeah, I'm very pleased that Dimension Films would want to take a chance on the comic," Joe Hill told CBR News in his first interview since the Dimension deal. "From a selfish perspective, the best thing about the movie deal, and the mostly positive reader response to the comic, is that it probably means I get to do four or five more 'Locke & Key' stories, beyond these first six issues, which is great because this first six issue arc really only scrapes the surface of a much larger story.

"I'm also happy for IDW, because whenever they have a comic that does well, it just makes it that much easier for them to launch other new titles, and to support other writers and artists."

"My focus is just on making 'Locke & Key' the best comic I can make it," continued Hill. "I don't think it's healthy to ever be writing a short story or a novel or a comic with an eye towards developing it is a movie or a TV property. It has to succeed as a comic first before there can ever be anything else."

Hill, the son of legendary horror writer Stephen King, has also had his debut novel "Heart-Shaped Box" optioned by Warner Bros.

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