10 Hilarious One-Punch Man Memes Only True Fans Understand

One-Punch Man is an anime that can make just about anyone laugh. From wacky character designs (Watchdog Man and Puri-Puri Prisoner) to memorable scenes (that time Saitama revealed how he went bald), One-Punch Man has left a lasting impression when it comes to humor.

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And where there is humor, we can also expect a wave of memes to spawn and spread across the web. One-Punch Man is no exception, with plenty of iconic scenes that scream “MEME.” Therefore, we have compiled a list of ten great One-Punch Man memes that are too hilarious not to share.

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10 Barely Passing Grades


The funniest memes are often ones that hit close to home. In school, there’s often that awkward moment when you think you’ve nailed an exam, but it turns out you did a lot worse than expected. Even the strongest heroes like Saitama are not immune to this.

This meme refers to the results of Saitama’s Hero Certification Exam, which he barely passed. Given that Saitama can defeat his opponents in a single punch, one would expect him to place higher in the hero ranking system like his disciple, Genos, who immediately became an elite S-Class hero. But unfortunately, the written portion of the exam was a lot tougher than Saitama had anticipated, and he ended up with a low score that just barely earned him a spot in the Hero Association. At least he passed, though!

9 Saitama's Intense Workout

Saitama went from average civilian to almighty hero by following a daily exercise routine that consisted of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running 10 kilometers. With motivation, perseverance, and a strong heart, Saitama gained not only a muscular build but also monstrous strength that is far beyond human.

Saitama made the impossible possible. This is a fitness story that, while purely fictional, has inspired everyday people to follow in Saitama’s footsteps. They have taken the innocent meme and turned it into what is often referred to as the “One-Punch Man Workout Challenge," where they’ll exercise like Saitama in hopes of achieving significant results.

8 The Two Faces of Saitama

What makes Saitama such a lovable and funny character is the fact that he has two completely different faces. When it’s time for him to be serious and fight for what he believes in, his face will have sharpened features to intensify how intimidating his strength truly is.

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But for the most part, Saitama presents himself with a very simple egg-shaped head that often comes across as non-threatening - and not so serious. Because there is such a drastic difference between his faces, it’s as though he sometimes has a Snapchat filter on to enhance his facial features and give him a stronger appearance overall.

7 Calliou's Adult Form

When you think of Saitama’s appearance, the first things to come to mind are his bald head and his yellow and red outfit. Another character who fits that same exact description is Caillou, from the popular children’s show of the same name.

Caillou could easily be mistaken as a much younger Saitama for that very reason. The meme itself takes advantage of that coincidental similarity, and it’s even funnier if you watched Caillou as a child, and One-Punch Man later on in life. Its almost like our childhood hero, Caillou, grew up right alongside us.

6 Anpanman VS One-Punch Man

Unlike Caillou, whose appearance is unintentionally similar to Saitama, Anpanman’s resemblance is no coincidence. One-Punch Man is actually a parody inspired by and based around Anpanman, a classic Japanese superhero with a head made of red bean bun. Similarly, Saitama’s round head is often compared to an egg, due to its perfect oval shape.

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There are also important similarities to point out while comparing their superhero costumes. While Anpanman wears a mostly red suit with yellow gloves and boots, Saitama sports a mostly yellow suit with red gloves and boots. Perhaps Saitama found inspiration to become a stylish superhero from a legend like Anpanman.

5 The Banana Incident

In what is supposed to be a more solemn and serious moment, Saitama goes to the hospital to visit the heroes who had lost their battles against Garou. Rather than bringing a thoughtful gift like flowers, Saitama brings a bunch of bananas - not as gifts for his fellow heroes, but as a snack for himself.

It is apparent that Saitama sometimes lacks compassion and makes light of serious situations, so he thinks he can console the defeated heroes in a half-hearted gesture with these bananas. He leaves a banana on Mumen Rider’s belly, hands one out to Tank-Top Master, and balances another on Charanko’s broken leg. It’s as if everything, no matter how terrible it may be, can be solved with Saitama’s bananas.

4 Tatsumaki's Original Art

True fans of One-Punch Man know that the art from the original manga looks very different from the art style that appears in the anime. That’s because they were drawn by two different artists. The original One-Punch Man was created and drawn by ONE, while the redrawn version we see in the anime was illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

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In this meme, the anime producers snuck in an Easter egg that pays homage to ONE’s original art. While Fubuki is drawn as her regular anime form, Tatsumaki stands in the same frame as a much tinier and simpler version of herself that greatly resembles her design in the original manga. The juxtaposition of the two different art styles is what makes this scene an instant meme.

3 Sassy Lost Child

As a small but feisty character, Tatsumaki finds herself at the center of yet another meme. She may be one of the strongest S-Class heroes out there, but that doesn’t stop her from being constantly mistaken as a young child. Saitama is guilty of making this mistake in their first encounter at the Hero Association Headquarters, referring to her as a “sassy lost child” after she insults his inferior B-Class status.

This later became a meme in which people would replace Tatsumaki with other notable characters who fit the “sassy lost child” description, such as Alolan Meowth from Pokemon.

2 Saitama's Greatest Enemy

Saitama has defeated plenty of monstrous villains, often with just a single punch. Sometimes he can do massive damage without even trying. There is one creature, however, whom Saitama cannot defeat: A tiny mosquito.

Despite Saitama slamming his palm down onto the bug multiple times with a booming force while moving at lightning speed, the bug always somehow manages to survive unscathed. Out of all the things that could give superhuman Saitama a hard time, of course, it had to be a pesky little bug. The irony of a powerful man being mocked by such a seemingly insignificant creature is what makes the mosquito a humorously formidable opponent.

1 OK

Perhaps the most iconic and widespread meme from One-Punch Man is the one where Saitama simply says “OK” with his signature unenthusiastic face. The context of the meme comes from a scene in which Lord Boros attempts and fails to intimidate Saitama by saying he’s even stronger without the armor that his foe just broke. Saitama, unfazed, only responds to the taunt by saying "OK."

The meme has since been used for those moments when an underwhelming response is given to something that is only of extreme importance to one side of the conversation.

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