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The Dankest There Is: 15 Incredibly Hilarious Hulk Memes

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The Dankest There Is: 15 Incredibly Hilarious Hulk Memes

Memes are a favorite pastime for a lot of folks these days Whether it’s perusing the endless pages of Google images or creating your own, they’re a lot of fun and waste a lot of your not-so precious time. They can be used for almost any situation and say a lot with very little words. We’ve all seen the motivational memes and those parodying motivational posters. Then there’s memes that attempt to make a point about certain political talking points. Memes are becoming so popular as responses in comments sections, that we can now use gifs as responses on both Facebook and on Twitter.

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Marvel lends so much to the world of memes. Whether it’s funny, dramatic, or just trying to make a point, there’s a meme for every situation with Marvel characters. In this list we focus on one specific Marvel character. A certain Avenger of epic, green proportions. Being green doesn’t help him against it either. Hulk is in no way in danger of becoming a John Cena level meme, but he is a meme nonetheless. In no particular order, we look at the most hilarious Hulk memes we could find floating around out there on the internet.


It’s an argument as old as, well, as old as The Avengers because that’s when we first saw Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, following Edward Norton off of The Incredible Hulk and before that Eric Bana from Ang Lee’s Hulk. It might have even caused a few rampages, but it would be even more awkward if it was an actual argument between Ruffalo and his two co-stars.

This meme is coming off of all the Civil War memes, but hinting at an event that many fans are aching to see on the big screen. When the Hulk is deemed too big of a danger of Earth, the powers-that-be decide to send him to a peaceful planet outside of the Solar System. He didn’t leave Earth of his own volition, so you can imagine he wasn’t too happy when he returned. This led to “World War Hulk”.


There are some great Chuck Norris jokes out there that have been around since the early 2000’s. Equally hilarious are the Chuck Norris memes that have been on a rise for the last few years. There’s a Chuck Norris joke for just about any situation, too. As far as Chuck Norris/The Incredible Hulk memes go, this one takes the cake. What would the Hulk be afraid of when he’s in a blind rage and runs into every battle head first?

Thanos probably won’t hold a candle to Chuck Norris. With his stylish cowboy boots and roundhouse kick, Chuck Norris needs to become an actual character in the MCU. A runner-up to this meme, which unfortunately isn’t on this list, is one that says “When the Hulk is angry, he turns into Chuck Norris”.


How did so many indestructible macguffins get on one team? This discussion is as old as the character himself. Honestly, how do those pants stay on. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk has the benefit of wearing dress pants, which sometimes come with an elastic waistband. But even those stretch only so far. You can’t go from weighing 150 pounds to 300 of pure muscle and wear the same pants.

When Edward Norton played the titular character, he was often in jeans. Jeans are probably the least stretchy material we wear. We must know his secret. Does he shop at a specialty store? Does he have the jeans made specially? We know Betty bought him an assortment of options, where he passed on the iconic purple, stretchy shorts.


We all have that one friend that gets a little too much alcohol into their system and suddenly they’re throwing punches. Unfortunately, it’s always that one friend that plays defensive tackle for their college football team. They either see you as someone that looked at them the wrong way, or think they’re goofing around. Well, that right hook to your jaw doesn’t feel too funny, now does it?

Then it takes more than one person to take them down because they get angry that no one else is laughing at their hilarious joke. If you don’t know someone like this, you’re probably this person. Take a moment to reflect. This meme has easily been shared more than a few times on Facebook, tagging a friend or two.


We’re very wary of you younger people claiming to aspire to be a scientist or nuclear engineer. Let us be very clear: You. Cannot. Make. Yourself. The. Incredible. Hulk. That much radiation will kill you. Yes, even gamma radiation. Killing yourself isn’t even worse case scenario.

Let’s say you survive something similar to what Banner did. You would probably suffer with excruciating pain, intense vomiting and boils covering your body. The pain, by the way, is from your organs melting. It wouldn’t be too worrisome for the rest of us except for the fact that messing with nuclear energy or radiation can put the entire world in danger. Now that we entirely ruined this meme from taking it too seriously, let us move on to the next one.


Hulk fart. Probably, right? As childish and silly as this meme is, it gets one thinking. In order to sustain such a sudden expanse in body mass, not to mention all those muscles, Banner has to eat a lot to maintain the energy necessary for that growth. Not all that food is going to be healthy, but even broccoli makes people gassy.

Imagine fighting alongside the Hulk when he has to just let one rip. Hey, we all do it. His farts would probably be much more noticeable. Doubtful it would be as gaseous and green like this, but the smell would be horrendous. Especially his silent-but-deadly farts. Those are always the worst. Now let it sink that we just spent one 129 words talking about the Hulk farting.


At least these characters are consistent, right? Cap still believes in God, which is only evident by his one line in The Avengers, and Tony is still an atheist. Though, did we ever receive evidence for this or is it being speculated because Tony is all about the science? Doesn’t matter.

While Loki might have gotten the bigger beat down, Hulk definitely clobbered Thor down just as well. Multiple times, too. First on the Helicarrier, then again on the ground in New York City for a comedic moment. And it appears that his time beating up gods isn’t behind him because *cue John Cena music* he and Thor will be trading blows once again in the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok. Be sure to get front row seats to that one.


There’s many variations of this meme circulating the interwebs, some that might be a little too real for some people. For example, the ones that mention anger issues. This one, however, resonates with a lot of people that are of legal drinking age. Probably because we’ve all had our stupid drunk moments where we trash a friends house or or accidentally break that pristine crystal egg our mom’s cherish more than our baby albums.

Sometimes we might even pick a fight with the wrong person because there was a little too much “courage” in that last shot of Jameson’s. The Incredible Hulk doesn’t get the luxury of blaming his rampages on alcohol, unfortunately. We can choose to not pick up another can of beer or bottle of wine. Let’s not forget, when Hulk goes on a rampage, he usually saves the day.


Cosplaying has become a popular hobby for many fans across many fandoms. There are some positively excellent seamstresses and fabricators out there that make top-notch costumes. They never fail to be loyal to the source material either. Then there are the less accomplished. It’s the effort that counts, right?

We all know which character this person was going for, so did they really do that bad of a job? There is some real potential here. He knows he was making a Hulk costume, so he surely knows the costume isn’t complete. In fact, maybe he was on his way to meet the guy that has the Hulk legs. The lips, on the other hand, we can’t explain. Perhaps they made it difficult to see through the mouth.


Hulk’s green. Yoda’s green. Sure, this meme checks out. The apple falls kind of far from the tree, though. Really far. Like, a galaxy far far away. Sorry, had to make that joke. If Yoda were Hulk’s father he would probably go berserk for not knowing who his real father was all this time.

Once he calmed down he would probably get a chance to learn how to really take control of his emotions and Banner would either never have to hulk out again, or he’d be a monk-like hulk where he’s in control of his anger and he wouldn’t need Black Widow to sooth him. It would be a scary sight to see someone that can be talking nuclear physics with you one second and throwing you across a room the next.


Anyone that has enrolled into college, even high school, can relate with this meme. Finals are that one time during the quarter — or semester, depending on your school’s system — where the professors gang up against the students and pile on all the work they possibly can simultaneously. It might be sleepless nights of studying only to find that you don’t remember a single word you read or wrote.

If it’s not studying, it’s essay writing until your fingers bleed because your English Lit professor wants 5,000 words about Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse and its influence on feminism. Once you’re a junior you have either mastered time management or found someone to do your finals for you. Either way, it’s still stressful and you wish you decided to skip college altogether.


Technology has vastly improved in such a short amount of time. It benefits everyone from students with special needs in school to the elderly. Even the Avengers needs technological assistance from time to time, and who better to show the Hulk how to communicate via smartphone than Mr. Technology himself, Tony Stark. It is curious, though, where did Hulk get enough self-control to not completely decimate such a fragile object in his grasp? Especially an iPhone.

Those things break when you drop them onto a pillow. Better question, how did the phone not fall out of his pants after he “hulked-out” and jumped from building to building in the midst of a city-wide crisis? Unless it’s an axe or a sword, it is difficult to imagine Hulk carrying around an object significantly smaller than his hand. Not to mention the frustration he’d exhibit before Tony told him about Siri.


If this is real, it’s probably safe to assume whomever was in charge of packaging lost their job. Maybe they got lucky and only had a stern talking to. We thank you for your mistake, though, because this is an amazing mash-up. The turtles probably can’t handle another Raphael on the team, so let’s throw Leonardo back into the mix and we have a team-up ready for spring of next year.

In his downtime Banner can tinker around with Donatello and work with Master Splinter to clear his mind. When they have to go out for battle, he can crush the Foot Clan under his gargantuan heel. It’s a match made in heaven and wouldn’t be too much of a switch for Banner. He wouldn’t be one to keep to the shadows, however. 


If you’ve ever had to write an argumentative or informative paper for school, then you’re tired of having to hear “Be sure to cite your sources” from your teacher. Because there’s always some fact bouncing around in our head that you don’t remember exactly where you heard or read it, and then when you go in search of said fact, you can’t find it. And then when you do finally find a source, it’s not credible. It’s frustrating. Projecting? Nope, no projecting here.

Well, this meme paints the Hulk in an interesting light where his anger is backed up by facts instead of being an emotional response. This would be a hilarious version of Hulk to see in Thor: Ragnarok or any MCU movie because one, it means he has a very good reason to be angry and two, we would get a plethora of memes spoofing Rain Man.


Yes, Yoda is making an appearance twice on this list. This one imagines Yoda as the Hulk, and it is a frightening image to say the least. It was previously mentioned that Hulk would be monk-like if he were Hulk’s father. So now that he is the Hulk? This is a giant, green, rage monster that is capable of olympic level gymnastics in perfect form with a lightsaber in hand.

Let’s get a hulk-sized lightsaber in Thor: Ragnarok! To quote Tony Stark: “We need it. Gotta have it.” Not sure a giant Yoda head with those pointy ears is better looking than the current face of Hulk, but we didn’t make the meme. To hear Yoda in a Hulk voice speak with his backwards talk but in a more child-like manner would be priceless to hear.

Which of these memes do you use the most? Let us know in the comments!

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