Highlander Reboot Is Indeed Immortal, Springs Back to Life

highlander reboot

Proving that nothing can kill the Highlander, Lionsgate's long-gestating reboot of the 1986 movie is finally set to enter pre-production.

Deadline reports the studio is "extremely pleased" with the latest script from Colony co-creator Ryan Condal, and plans to begin pre-production later this year once director Chad Stahelski wraps work on the third John Wick.

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Lionsgate's Patrick Wachsberger told the website the screenplay sets up a potential sequel; the studio is believed to envision the franchise revival as part of a trilogy.

The Highlander reboot has spent years in development hell since Summit Entertainment acquired the rights in 2008. Lionsgate became after purchasing Summit Entertainment in 2012; Stahelski has been attached to direct since 2016.

The 1986 original starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown and Roxanne Hart in a story about an immortal Scottish warrior who can only be killed by decapitation. The film was only a modest success at the box office, but achieved the status of cult classic, spawning five live-action movie sequels and spinoffs, two live-action television series, an animated series, an animated movie and numerous novels and comic books.

The Highlander reboot is targeted for release in 2019.

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