Hickman Teases DC Deal in Wake of Bendis Announcement

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Following Tuesday's announcement that prolific writer Brian Michael Bendis will depart Marvel Comics for its Distinguished Competition, writer Jonathan Hickman hinted he may be following his Secret Warriors collaborator's lead and move to DC Comics.

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Hickman tweeted out an image of the famous "O Captain! My Captain!" scene at the end of 1989's Dead Poets Society. While the intention behind the photo is somewhat cryptic, the reference to the film is clear, as the scene takes place when the the former students of John Keating (Robin Williams) defiantly recite Walt Whitman's eulogic poem in support of their teacher.

This isn't the first time the idea that Hickman might be making the move to DC has surfaced. In August, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee met with Hickman for lunch, though it's not clear what they discussed. "Having lunch w/ @JHickman at the WB commissary," Lee wrote. "World domination plans on hold as we succumb to the temptation of #avocadotoast.#dccomics."

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Hickman started at Marvel in 2007, working on a Legion of Monsters one-shot. Through his work on comics such as Secret Wars, Avengers and Fantastic Four, Hickman has contributed a lot to the Marvel Universe. Hickman is also known for his creator-owned content with Image Comics, including Black Monday Murders, East of West and Manhattan Projects. He has not worked with DC before.

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