Hickman Reveals the "Avengers'" "Original Sin"

Marvel Comics' "Original Sin" is fast approaching, and it promises to have far-reaching consequences for the entire Marvel Universe. In addition to the Watcher murder mystery core series by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato, the effects will ripple out into the rest of Marvel's catalogue including, unsurprisingly, Jonathan Hickman's "Avengers," as indicated in an "Original Sin" teaser released earlier this week. According to Marvel.com, Captain America will have his memory restored, becoming able to recall his time with the Illuminati.

Cho's "Original Sin" Teaser Shows Captain America in Agony

"Since the first issue of 'Avengers' and the very beginning of 'New Avengers,' it's the thing that's been sitting in the background, the thing you knew would come to a head," Hickman told Marvel.com. "Captain America remembering. That the Illuminati reformed and kicked him out because he didn't have his blood up enough. He remembers. ... He remembers the Illuminati standing over him. When the events of 'Original Sin' happen, that's the catalyst that unlocks all of that stuff in his head. One night he goes to sleep not remembering. The next day he wakes up and he does. That fundamentally changes the world that he lives in, what this larger Avengers World is all about. This machine that he and Tony built. It colors all of that in a completely new light. It'll color Captain America moving forward for the next year."

"Original Sin" will also herald the arrival of Valerio Schiti on art for "New Avengers" while Leinil Yu lends his talents to "Avengers," each for a six-issue arc.

"Original Sin" begins in May.

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