Hickman Celebrates His Marvel Return With a Clever 'Jab' at DC

For some time after Jonathan Hickman left Marvel Comics to refine his creator-owned projects, fans were left wondering if he'd go to DC. Well, with Marvel bringing him back for a new, mysterious project, it looks like that won't be the case, and Hickman himself has taken a tongue in cheek jab at DC as he gears up for the next marvelous chapter in his career.

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Marvel previously teased his return on social media with an image that was simply Hickman's name on a blank page. Today, Hickman tweeted out a "fixed" version of the page, with the words "Hickman is" and the Marvel logo, accompanied by the July launch date of the new project.

The white text on black is, of course, reminiscent of what DC's been doing over in its Mister Miracle title, with the theme of "Darkseid is" permeating throughout its pages, and it's a fun riff on one of DC's most minimal, yet appealing, catchphrases from the minds of Tom King, Mitch Gerads and company.

Hickman smartly appropriates it as if to tell DC fans, you had your chance. Many speculated about whether Hickman would join DC's stable in his time away from Marvel, with fans suggesting the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes as the two teams he'd most likely take given his love for ensemble stories.

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Well, that ship has sailed and, after making waves on creator-owned stories at Image Comics like The Manhattan Projects and East of West, fans believe that the mind who worked on the Fantastic Four and Avengers, as well as events like Infinity and Secret Wars, could now be gearing up to work his magic on the X-Men in the wake of the Disney/Fox deal's finalization.

Hickman's mystery book is scheduled for release in July.

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