Hickman Concludes His "Fantastic Four" Run This Fall

Jonathan Hickman is leaving "Fantastic Four" and "FF" after a three-year run as ongoing writer.

After a three-year run examining the adventures of Marvel's First Family, Jonathan Hickman is leaving "Fantastic Four" in October. In an interview with Marvel.com, Jonathan Hickman announced he will be wrapping up his take on the Fantastic Four and Future Foundation after "Fantastic Four" #611 and "FF" #23. By the time he exits the books, Hickman will have been the ongoing "Fantastic Four" writer for three years, introducing elements such as the death of Johnny Storm, the council of Reeds and launching the Future Foundation.

"I always had an end point in mind, but along the way I really fell in love with writing Marvel's First Family and I also had all these dangling bits to clean up, so I agreed -- [and] wanted -- to stay on," Hickman told Marvel.com. "Then all the gears started turning on all the [Avengers Vs. X-Men] stuff and what comes after and it just became obvious that October would be a good time to hop off."

While Hickman will be leaving "Fantastic Four" after revitalizing the franchise, fans can catch his work on "Avengers vs. X-Men" later this year and read his take on the Ultimate Marvel universe in "Ultimate Comics Ultimates" alongside co-writer Sam Humphries beginning in issue #10. Hickman's creator owned "The Manhattan Project" hits March 7 from Image Comics.

"Personally, I just hope that I continue to evolve as a creator -- that FF was better than the things I wrote before [it], and that what I write after FF will be the best thing I've done," Hickman said. "We'll see."

Stay tuned for more on Hickman's exit from "Fantastic Four" as it develops.

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