Hickman Announces "Manhattan Projects" On Hiatus Until March

As announced in last week's issue, Image Comics' "Manhattan Projects" will be taking a little breather. A letter from series writer and co-creator Jonathan Hickman in the backmatter of "Manhattan Projects" #25 confirmed that the series, which depicts a sci-fi tinged alternate take on the 20th century's greatest scientific minds, will go on hiatus until March 2015.

"The book and team will be on hiatus until March when 'Manhattan Projects' will return with a few, but rather significant, changes," wrote Hickman. The writer then touched upon what the series would become when it returns in 2015."[Artist] Nick [Pitarra] and I always knew that when the comic got to a certain point we would be changing format, as 'Manhattan Projects' was always intended to eventually be a book where we could tell any kind of story -- in any genre -- we wanted. We were also aware that doing so would mean that we would be changing the entire structure of the book. Gone will be the sprawling ensemble narrative that moves each individual character's story incrementally along, and replacing that will be tight arcs focusing on a single (or few) characters."

"The Manhattan Projects" launched in 2012 with a cast that included historical figures and noted scientists like Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The series has mostly kept up a monthly publishing schedule since its release, hitting issue #25 two and a half years after its start. This hiatus will mark the biggest gap between issues to date.

The next "Manhattan Projects" arc -- titled "The Sun Beyond the Stars" -- begins with issue #26 in March.

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