Hi-Fi Colour Design produces new comic for Funk-O-Tron

Official Press Release

Hi-Fi colour deisgn, colorist of such books as New X-Men, GI Joe, UncannyX-Men, Lady Death, Thunderbolts, and Strangers in Paradise, have teamed upwith industry pros to launch the new and improved Double Take fromFunk-O-Tron.

Double Take debuted in 2001 from Funk-O-Tron with colors by Hi-Fi. Theissue featured two unique stories by upcoming artists including JonboyMeyers. Soon after Double Image left Image Comics after issue 5 and resumedpublishing at Funk-O-Tron with Double Take 6-8. With the story arc nowcomplete fans have often wondered what happened to issues 2-5.

Starting this April fans will be able to get their hands on the "LostIssues" of Double Take. This is where Hi-Fi colour design steps into thepicture.

Hi-Fi has collaborated with some of the industries hottest talent and somegreat upcoming talent to make the "Lost Issues" of Double Take a realtreasure worth seeking out.

Double Take number two features two full color stories, Tommi Trek andRealm. The creative team includes newcomers Val Staples & Matt Tyree aswell as fan favorites like Randy Green & John Byrne.

Tommi Trek is a trip back in time for creators Brian Miller (Hi-Fi) and MikeWorley (The Simpsons). Tommi Trek: Mystery of the Ghost Ship representstheir first effort to bring cartoons and comics together.

In the style of 1960s adventure cartoons comes Tommi Trek in her first comicadventure. Join Tommi, Chance, and Professor Trek as they venture to theCaspian sea to track man's first space shot to Mars. What mystery andterrifying adventures await our heroes in these dark waters? Find out whenTommi and Chance decide to explore a ghost ship. Thrills, chills, cool Trekgadgets, and even a few surprises from the past!

Tommi Trek features fully painted backgrounds with hand drawn cell stylecharacters in the tradition of your favorite animated action series. Artworkis by fan favorite Mike Worley (The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Archie)featuring a pin-up by Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Clerks), and a cover bysuperstar artist John Byrne.

Creator Credits -

Story by: Miller & Worley

Illustrated by: Mike Worley

Painted Backgrounds by: Hi-Fi's Brian Miller

Colored by: HI-FI

Cover art by: John Byrne

Additional art by: Phil Hester

Story 2: REALM

Danbec is a kingdom fraught with tyranny, evil, and deceit. Travelersbrought together by destiny are united in a common cause to help thoseunable to help themselves.

Credits -

Created by: Val Staples & Matt Tyree

Written / Pencilled by: Matt Tyree

Inked by: Serge LaPointe

Colored by: HI-FI

Additional art by:

Randy Green

Mike Wieringo

Rick Ketcham & Jonboy Meyers

Double Take is in the February Diamond Previews listed under Funk-O-Tron(page 294), and is scheduled to be in stores April 2002.

Double Take number three will feature two all new stories by new comers likeSteve Cobb & Ej Su as well as fan favorites like Brett Booth and many more.Look for more information on Double Take three when it arrives in April'sedition of Diamond Previews.

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