Hey look, it's the cover for Chris Ware's <i>Acme Novelty Library</i> #20

As if Memorial Day Weekend weren't eventful enough for the nerd community, Blog Flume's eagle-eyed Ken Parille spotted and posted the none-more-blue cover for the 20th installment of Chris Ware's one-man anthology series, Acme Novelty Library. Subtitled "Lint," the volume collects a chapter from the ongoing Rusty Brown graphic novel that Ware originally serialized in The Virginia Quarterly Review. The product description on Amazon reads like a bio for main character Jordan Wellington Lint; see if you can spot the quick phrase that hit me like a punch in the gut. The book hits shelves on October 12th of this year--earlier in the season than the last few releases, and hopefully early enough for the book to get ample consideration for year-end best-of listings. (Something tells me it'll be worth considering.)

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