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Hibbs leads with ASSBAR's pulping. Because of this, apparently. Which brings up an important question; there are actual words under the censor bars in comics? Well, I had no idea. Not that any of this means anything to me, since I read ASBMARTBW in trades. At its current rate of production, GD Batman and Robin the Snotty Punk's next volume is not due until 2011.

On to comics that are actually being printed of interest (to me) this week! Also; snark, which has powered the internet since Al Gore wanted to slag someone off anonymously so badly that he got this whole internet ball rolling.

100 BULLETS #95 There are months at a time where I forget this exists. I only have 5 more issues where that can be true in a monthly sense. Unless they extended it during my long stretches of not paying attention to it.

1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS ADVENTURES OF SINBAD #3Is this any good? I like Arabian Nights themed stuff, as you will find out later, and Sinbad's the classical adventure hero I can get behind with the right circumstances. I kind of fear that this is about the formerly ubiquitous stand up comedian of the same name, so that's part of why I've never picked it up. That and I don't think my shop's ever had a stray copy to sample.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #571 NWDShouldn't there have been a skip week in this story arc already?

BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #21I've really been enjoying this excuse for Kevin Maguire to draw facial expressions and mostly nude Batgirl. In other news, I'm a horrible person!

BLOWJOB #23 (A) and REAR ENTRY #18 (A)No matter how much personal growth I make in my life, I'll never feel like an adult until I stop giggling when I see these comics on a shipping list. So, you know, I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be 14 forever.

CIVIL WAR HOUSE OF M #1 (OF 5)I had no idea this existed. Is this like that cool looking mini Cristos Gage wrote with all the '70s characters, or are they just mashing up random crossovers now? If so, when can I expect Infinity Crusade: Maximum Carnage, the crossover maxi-series crossover I wanted in 1993 but never knew to ask for? To be honest, I'd buy a comic that was just random Starlin cosmic characters beating the hell out of Carnage.

CRIMINAL 2 #5 The world is a better place because this comes out regularly. Now that Brubaker and Phillips have this noir thing down to a science, I would like to see them tackle another genre soon, like romance or westerns. Or do a pro wrestling noir, like that guy was asking for in one of the backmatter pieces. Or just keep doing this; whatever. As long as they collab on something.

CRIMINAL MACABRE CELL BLOCK 666 #1 (OF 4) and DEAD SHE SAID #3Hey, environmentalists! How much of a carbon footprint does Steve Niles leave by being so prolific? Him or anyone, really. Is Bendis ruining not just the Marvel Universe but the real, less important to nerds one, by writing a gazillion comics a month?

DEAN KOONTZS FRANKENSTEIN VOL 01 #3 (OF 5) PRODIGAL SONI think I lost interest in this comic five times while reading that whole title. I wonder how many times smart assed but OCD blog readers lose interest in my crap while reading it?

DYNAMO 5 #16I should probably try this some time. I sort of liked Noble Causes the one time I read it, and the premise sounds interesting.

EPILOGUE #1Titles like this bug me. A great example in another medium is an Animal House/American Pie rip off/descendant movie that they just decided to call College. If I didn't already think it looked awful from the trailer, I would have not seen it on principle anyway. I would talk about this actual comic, but I have no idea what it's about and don't want to google to learn.

EX MACHINA #38 Hey, I forget this exists a lot too! I liked the first year or so of it well enough, but found it easy to drift away from. Really, the only Vaughan comic that's held my interest is Runaways.

FINAL CRISIS REVELATIONS #2 (OF 5)Despite my interest in the adventures of Renee Montoya: The Question Who Kissed A Girl And Liked It, the cost of this thing is too prohibitive for me to pick this up in singles. Well, at least this week. I mean, I'm supposed to be getting Love and Rockets this week!

THE GOON #28My interest ebs and flows on this. It's pretty much stuck in flow right now due to my lack of money to spread around. It looked like Powell was really headed somewhere interesting, though.

GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #12It's nice that Cliff Chiang stopped drawing this, so I can stop feeling pangs of interest in it.

INVINCIBLE #52I read the first trade of this recently and was pretty underwhelmed. It was pleasent and all, but it did not live up to the (at least partially sardonic, surely) hype, which fits in with my other samplings of it. The big twist is supposed to make it really interesting, right?

KICK DRUM COMIX #1 (OF 2)Ah, my old linguistic nemesis; we meet again! Burn in hell, kick drum! And comix, too. Man, I've accumulated a lot of linguistic enemies in a quarter of a century.

MARVEL SPOTLIGHT MARVEL KNIGHTS 10TH ANNIVERSARYYeah, do they still publish things under the Marvel Knights banner, or is this just an excuse for Quesada to let us know he and Kevin Smith are best pals again, or something less cynical?

NYX NO WAY HOME #2 (OF 6)I'm reading Demo right now, which is the mutant, indie offspring ofWood's pitch for the original NYX series. Really, this is just an excuse for me to say I'm reading Demo now and am really enjoying it; I have pretty much no interest in this particular urban/homeless kids mutant comic otherwise.

PAX ROMANA #3 (OF 4)Looking forward to seeing what Hickman does with this in the trade. Hickman's earned my attention based on the Nightly News.

SECRET INVASION #6 (OF 8) SI, SECRET INVASION INHUMANS #2 (OF 4) SI, SECRET INVASION RUNAWAYS YOUNG AVENGERS #3 (OF 3) SI, SECRET INVASION X-MEN #2 (OF 4) MDAt this point, I think they're just messing with us. I still like the main story well enough as a summer blockbuster. Of course, I'm reading it in chunks at $3.99 a pop, so I really shouldn't just on that level, but I appreciate that Bendis is trying his damndest to fight the whole "nothing happens in Bendis comics" things with all the explosions and screaming. Really, I could probably not buy this again and still get a lot out of it from Abhay's reviews of it, so it may be cut.

The spinoffs? Go screw, Marvel. A couple sound interesting to me, but it's just getting absurd. Well, it was getting there with World War Hulk, but I just bought the stuff Greg Pak was writing then and felt okay, so I sort of ignored the glut there.

STAND CAPTAIN TRIPS #1 (OF 5)What? I mean, seriously; is this about a stand captain? A guy (or gal) named Captain Trips who's making a stand? Is this about HHH? What the hell's going on in this comic I probably will never read unless Chris Sims thinks it's awesome?!!?!?!?!?

STAR TREK MIRROR IMAGES #3One of these Star Trek things had really pretty art. I'm pretty much indifferent at best to the license, but I should really found out who drew that and see if they've done any work that would interest me.

TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE #4 I wrote a screed on the old blog about how dumb I found this title. To be fair, my life was kind of in the crapper at the time, so I was just looking for something to lash out against (that, and I still think it's a dumb title, even if that's intentional). That said, I want to apologize to Michael Kupperman, since what I've read of his work is hilarious, and make it a priority to buy some of these when I have disposable income for distractions beyond the distractions I'm already obligated to pay for. Well, I will buy it this week if my shop gets a stary copy, more because that would be a really shocking event.

TRINITY #15Is this any good? I feel the same way about it as the Philosopher King ofFace Kicking and Sharkchuks does, and Busiek and Bagley are not big enough draws for me as creators to offset that. But the Crime Syndicate showed up in it recently, and I do have a major nerd boner for them, so my interest is piqued again. So, comment monkeys; anyone like this? I'll pay attention to you for once solely to see what the consensus is on this.

WOLVERINE SAUDADE Can't go a week without a Wolverine one shot! I still like the character despite his overexposure, but again, that's entirely due to my own selective continuity, which allows me to delete all stories featuring popular superheroes that don't conform to my rigorous standards of being things I want to pay money to read in an exchange of goods and services. There are like 5 Wolverine stories in there, by the way.

That said, if this had been titled Wolverine Sundae, I probably would have bought it. Anything that combines my love of a feral superhero and hot fudge on ice cream has to be worth a look. That, and Colleen Coover would probably draw it, so that would be cool.

YOUNG LIARS #7 I'm glad this still exists. I liked the first couple issues. Most people were either/or there, from what I could tell; either the first issue was great and the ssecond was awful, but not me; I liked 'em both! I probably ought to get on reading the rest of it soon or it won't exist any more. Of course, we all may cease to exist due to this thing, so a piddly Vertigo comic is small potatoes in comparison.

ANGEL AFTER THE FALL HC VOL 02 FIRST NIGHTGuess I better finish reading the first one...

BATMAN THE BLACK GLOVE HCThey're seriously just collecting The Club of Heroes arc? Score one for buying the singles!

ETERNALS BY JACK KIRBY TP BOOK 02I splept on the complete hardcover, so I need to get both of these volumes soon. I'm planning to have a Kirby Khristmas, so maybe I'll get them in one go, if family members can follow my wish list correctly. If not, HELL TO PAY! Why yes, I am an only child; why do you ask?

GYPSY JOE JEFFERSON GN Well, someone stole the name I went by when I played in the ABA in the '70s. At least send me a royalty check, folks! Well, assuming you get one, whcih you really can't ever in comics. Just ask the guy who did the series above this! Seriously. Get out a Ouija and ask!

OMEGA THE UNKNOWN PREM HCI read one issue of this and kind of drifted off. It sounds interesting and it would be nice to see an Omega story with the ending the writer who started intended. Also, Gary Panter art in a Marvel Comic! The only hinderance is the fear I have that if I buy this, Mark Andrew will smother me in my sleep. Then again, I also have a feeling my cat's planning that, so he needs to get in line.

PRINCE OF PERSIA GNI called it! Or, since Jordan Mechner (the game's creator) helped write it, it's been in the works for years. Either way, from what I've read this should be a damn fine book. That First Second is publishing it is a big mark in its favor; I haven't bought much of their output, but they do seem like a class outfit. I mean, Eddie Campbell associates with them!

SPIDER-MAN RED SONJA TPWhat a ridiculous pairing! It's just absurd. I'll take eight! My shame over liking this (which I probably will, if they hit all the right notes) will eclipse any I may still have over liking Hack/Slash.

X-MEN VS APOCALYPSE TP VOL 02 AGES OF APOCALYPSEThis is where I draw the line on dumb things I'd be willing to read, however. Nice how that works out.

So, having gone over that list, I'm completely bored with comics. Hopefully Love and Rockets will rekindle my interest. Provided it actually shows up, and no Big Bangs tear the universe asunder between now and then. Again, that would make this comics stuff really irrelevant by comparison. It's already a distraction from important things like Darfur and Sarah Palin's lipstick.

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