Hey, It's Another X-Men Theme Post!

Only two comics in this one, though. One is an all ages title, the other is Blackest Night: X-Men, more or less, so at least it will be X-Clectic. (How was that not the title of a comic during the X-Men glut?).

Necrosha-X One Shot- Why did I pay money for this, you ask, despite my noted disdain for DC's similar crossover event? I didn't! A friend purchased it for me at the LCS's Halloween Party, because he wanted someone to talk about it with, and I have never passed up a free comic before. Of course, I had to agree to read some of the story that spun out of it too. I figured if worse came to worse, I'd just give him his $4.

Well, it didn't quite necessitate a refund, but only because I really liked the New Mutants portion of things, with the idea that Doug Ramsey living up to his full potential is the most dangerous mutant ever. Been wanting to see that for a while, and if nothing else, hopefully Zeb Wells gets to keep him for his cast when this thing's over.

The rest was pretty okay. I mean, I'm just committing to following New Mutants as part of my little bargain, but I don't hate where this is going. Like a lot of recent X-stuff, it seems like it could be a solid trade eventually, if nothing else. X-Force seems like the comic where the action will take place, and it seems okay on that level so far (if nothing else, the X-Force portion had more Dr. Nemesis; I'll always mark for that. X-Men: Legacy appears to be focusing on Destiny and her plot device precognition, which involves mentoring one of the New New Mutants I've never heard of. So, if I skip one part, that's the one, right there.

Caveat time; I've wanted an excuse to read New Mutants for a while, and I'm such a huge lapsed X-Men fan (and am totally indifferent to Blackest Night and its principle characters, from Hal and Barry to most of the zombie JLA), so keep those biases in mind. I wouldn't rush out and buy this issue, but if you can get a dude to buy it for you, its not bad!

Uncanny X-Men: First Class #4- After last month's incomprehensible Banshee thing, things return to form with a Storm spotlight issue, guest starring two of my new favorite characters, the Daughters of the Dragon and Power Man and Iron Fist's best villain, Deadly Nightshade, a female blacksploitation mad scientists who wears hot pants. So, it's pretty great.

This is a fun done in one story that really gets why Storm's can be a cool character while still throwing in a cliffhanger that gives you a reason to come back next issue. It also continues Scott Gray's pretty bad ass characterization of Jean Grey. Sure, she's out of character, but in character Jean is so lame she can only get attention by dying. I find the one that rolls her eyes at Cyclops and learns kung fu a marked improvement. If nothing else, the cat fight between this Jean and Emma Frost would be epic.

As long as Banshee is kept to a minimum, I'd love to see this become an ongoing, but it seems like the X-Franchise is so played out that that's unlikely, especially when they could just do a Wolverine and the X-Men tie-in comic instead if they really wanted an all ages X-book.

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