Hey, here's another Kickstarter you might be interested in

We're all about crowdfunding here at the blog, apparently!

My pal Lucy Bellwood has launched a Kickstarter to publish her nautical comic, Baggywrinkles, in a nifty collection (with colors, if she can reach a stretch goal). Baggywrinkles is a series about Bellwood's experiences on board tall ships, and it's full of very useful information and cool stories about the sea. She's already put out several issues as mini-comics, but now she's putting them all together and adding a new chapter, which should be neat.

Keen readers might recall that I interviewed Bellwood last year as part of my Year of the Artist series, and you can take a look at some images from Baggywrinkles at that link. She sent out some more images, so here they are:

Here's a sample of what the book would look like in color:

Here's a link to the Kickstarter. It's already doing quite well, which is pretty awesome. I'm a big fan of Bellwood's work, and it would be very neat if her profile kept getting higher. You can read all about the project at the link, and check out more things Bellwood at her web site. Would this woman make a bad comic?

Yeah, I don't think so.

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