Hey Comics, meet Matthew Woodson

Every week it seems, we see someone new on the comic book shelves. It could be a new writer, a new artist, or perhaps someone starting out in coloring or lettering. Unless they've made their name elsewhere like movie writers Kevin Smith or J. Michael Straczynski, it's a long slog to recognition... but there might be one name that jumps to the top of your pull list in 2011.

Matthew Woodson.

Although Woodson's never been published in comics before, he's done several comics in non-comics publications like Spin and fashion magazines. He's best known as an illustrator for magazines -- right after he finished college, he was hired to illustrate Perry Ellis's Fall/Winter 2006 campaign. But he's stepping off the catwalk and off the reservation completely as he makes his proper comics debut in an upcoming issue of Brian Wood's Northlanders from Vertigo.

According to a blogpost over the weekend by Wood himself, the story arc with Woodson is titled "The Hunt" and will hit shelves later this year. Wood's always had a keen eye for talent and nurtures the artists he works with (akin to Jeph Loeb), and says Woodson has "superhuman talent." The pair almost worked together several years ago -- Woodson was the original artist on Wood's Top Shelf OGN Dogs Day End, which eventually fell by the wayside.

Although no art is available yet from Wood and Woodson's Northlanders, visit Woodson's website to get up to speed and see some of the comics work he's done outside of comics.

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