Hey Colbert, Cap's gonna need that shield back now ...

You might remember back in 2007 when talk show host Stephen Colbert was given Captain America's shield after Steve Rogers was apparently (but not really) shot to death. Joe Quesada, Marvel's editor in chief, passed the shield on "to the only man who has the red, white and blue balls to carry the mantle" -- the "conservative" talk show host/comic fan whose show runs on the Comedy Channel.

Well, as we learned in June, Captain America isn't exactly dead, so schoolteacher and Robot 6 reader Robt Seda-Schreiber has served Colbert with "a legal document called a writ of replevin that I have prepared." Here's what it looks like:

"As I am sure comes as no surprise to anyone, Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, has returned ('reborn' if you will) from his supposed death. More to the point, reports of his death were greatly exaggerated in the first place. It was under this false pretense that Mr. Colbert was 'bequeathed' said shield, so it would follow that the good Captain’s shield be returned to him post-haste," Seda-Schreiber writes. "I bring this legal action in his name, with the help of my brilliant & beautiful lawyer-wife." Check out his blog for updates and to find out exactly what a writ of replevin is.

(And a closer look at the writ makes me wonder if it IS actually legal ... there's a really good chance the sheriff who signed it was a Life Model Decoy ...)

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