Hexed #4

Story by
Art by
Emma Rios
Colors by
Cris Peter
Letters by
Marshall Dillon
Cover by
BOOM! Studios

As with all good things and most cliches, the end has come for this exceptional series. Four issues after her introduction, Luci Jenifer Inacio Das Neves puts a bow on her adventures and conflict with Dietrich, the bearer of the Carasinth, a talisman that renders its wearer immune to magic. This issue has a few cliches in the way the story is wrapped, certainly, but there were a number of threads that needed to be wrapped up. The originality throughout this issue and in the three prior far outweigh any cliches that may have snuck in.

Nelson delivers a strong female lead and a strong female supporting character with a true sense that anything can and does happen. When Lucifer's confidante, Val, is shot once by Dietrich, I expected Lucifer to cave to Dietrich's demands without hesitation. She doesn't and neither does Nelson's ability to work his character out of difficult situations.

The art felt rushed in some areas, but Rios continued to bring phenomenal effort and an unorthodox style to the pages of this book. The characters have visually maintained throughout the series while Rios has allowed herself to utilize some new layouts and graphic fireworks. Capably accompanied by Cris Peter, this issue followed the example of the three before.

It vexes me quite a bit, therefore, when I say that this issue was the least satisfying of the four in this series. Yes, it was a good story. Yes, the creative team did a great job with subject matter and scenarios that where fresh and dynamic. The issue closes without the wink and a nod of more to come. This could very easily be the last we ever see of Lucifer. I hope it isn't though, as I've come to enjoy the tales of Luci Jenifer Inacio Das Neves as related by Nelson, Rios, Peter and Dillon. I am curious to see more of the worlds Lucifer has traveled in. The mystery surrounding Madame Cymbaline intrigues me, but seemed almost an afterthought as it wasn't teased as much as I believe it could have been.

If you missed out on this series, check with your comic retailer, maybe they can help you track it down. If not, cross your fingers and hope for a collected edition. You won't be disappointed.

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