Hexed #1 Advance Review

Hexed #1 (of 4) is coming out in December, and the initial orders for the issue are due next week, so if you want to tell your local retailer to order it, now would be the time.

As to whether you should, I'd say it would turn on whether this Boom! project (about a young woman who steals magical items for good reasons until a bad guy from her past returns for revenge) is any good.

And for at least the first issue, I would say that yes, the book is good, particularly the impressive artwork by new (to me, at least) artist, Emma Rios.

The first issue introduces us to "Lucifer" (just a nickname for Luci Jenifer Inacio Das Neves).

Lucifer is a thief who steals back items of magic that have been stolen by some not-so-nice people.

Here we see her face a guard whilst she attempts to steal back some stuff...

These two pages are good, but I don't think they properly get across the quality of Emma Rios' work - it's really quite remarkable for a new comic book artist to be able to tell a story with as much fluidity as Rios does. Top notch work.

The story by Michael Alan Nelson is a bit less remarkable, as it really is a fairly straightforward story - a Constantine riff, basically. But Constantine is a character with so much depths that a riff off of him still leaves you with plenty to work with, and Nelson does a lot with young miss Lucifer.

Nelson has a nice ear for Lucifer's dialogue, particularly a nice bit where she discusses how physical beauty can, in a manner, work as a mystical art (bewitching people, sorta).

I like how we gets bits and pieces of Lucifer's background, and the fact that while she may be on the side of the angels (figuratively and literally) NOW, she wasn't always, and part of her past comes back to haunt her, leading to the conflict that drives this series.

The conflict is an interesting one - much like Constantine at his best, she is thrown into a seemingly chaotic situation and she must improvise a plan on the run using just her wits and, well, you know, magic.

It's a thoroughly entertaining first issue with absolutely lovely artwork by Emma Rios, so I gladly recommend the issue - so go tell your local retailer to order you a copy!

Taglines are always good, so here's one I came up with for Hexed:

Hexed is like Hellblazer by way of JJ Abrams' Alias.


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