Heroism and Horror become one in the new Image Comics, 'Fused.' 3-page preview.

Official Press Release

[Fused]ORANGE, CA -- Imagine that you have become imprisonedwithin a suit of armor...and that it has fused with your entire nervoussystem. How will you eat? How can you touch anything or anyone? How willyou cope when even the simplest of bodily functions are denied you?

Fused! Is more than merely a sci-fi/superhero series. It is, instead, apsychological horror/thriller that places an ordinary man in one of the mostterrifying predicaments imaginable.

[Page 11]Former Spawn: The Dark Ages writer Steve Niles joins forces withartist/painter Paul Lee to bring this unique and unsettling vision to light.

Offers writer/creator Steve Niles, "This isn't just a big guy in a suit. Ithink our take on this concept is fresh and exciting. This is a real humanwith a life, a family, and a wife who has become encased in a virtuallyinescapable carapace."

The man who becomes fused inside of the Cy-Bot is a young scientist/engineernamed Mark Haggerty, who lost his hand in service to his country. Unlikearmored heroes of the past, however, his first instinct isn¹t to save theworld, but to ensure his survival and reclaim his life.

[Fused]"Being trapped inside the suit is the least of his problems," Nilescontinues. "He's stuck in the middle of a grudge war between rival factionsin the U.S. government and there are government-sanctioned superheroeshunting him. Then, to make matters worse, he¹s being blamed for his ownmurder." Fused! is an ongoing, full color Image comic debuting in March 2002and will be released on a bi-monthly basis.

The first four-issue story arc, "Canned Heat," introduces readers to MarkHaggerty, the Cy-Bot he has become, and the life-altering predicament hefinds himself in.

With stunning art and a compellingly original story, Fused! promises to bethe next big hit for Image Comics.

SPECIAL NOTE: A creative team change was made from the original solicitationto ensure timely delivery of the first issue.

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