10 Heroines You Wouldn't Think Are Stronger Than DC's Wonder Woman (But Actually Are)

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Wonder Woman is widely acclaimed by audiences as the strongest female superhero of all time with multiple movie and television adaptations over her almost 80-year existence. However, dominating the silver screen (even with greats like Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot) does not guarantee domination on the battlefield.

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Wonder Woman may have super strength and be referred to as "the greatest melee fighter in the world" by Batman, but her powers look minimal compared to goddess-like sorceresses and energy blasting aliens. From Marvel classics, Dark Horse renditions and Indie stars, here are ten comics badasses whose powers outshine Wonder Woman's on a day to day basis.

10 Willow Rosenberg

This television nerd was brought onto comic pages originally in season 8 of her source show Buffy the Vampire Slayer but most recently in a reboot of the same title from Boom! Studios and by Jordie Bellaire. Willow Rosenberg has goddess level powers that match Diana's actual goddess title.

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A literal magic addict, in comic pages, Willow gains additional powers to travel across planes of existence and break down magic of mystical proportions. Her time as a villain showed audiences the extent of her powers when she is out of control. Imagine, when she is in control. Wonder Woman would be lucky to leave a fight with Willow with her skin in tact and without a hankering for cheese.

9 America Chavez

Wonder Woman may have punched Nazis (a hard achievement to beat) but America Chavez, known as Ms. America in the Marvel world, can punch holes in time and space. And she does it patriotically.

Paired with flight and strength, America teleports to save people and beat the bad guy through glowing stars in the sky of her own creation. While she does this primarily as a part of a team (the Ultimates, the West Coast Avengers, etc.), that does not mean her abilities as an individual should be doubted. Just ask all the people and things she's thrown around, from Loki to a giant shark.

8 Scarlet Witch

This sorceress shares flight and daddy issues with Wonder Woman but has something the Amazonian Goddess could never match: magic. She does not just have one type of magic, either. Over the course of her existence (established by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1964 through The X-Men), she has handled all types of magic from across the globe.

Much like others on this list, Wanda Maximoff can send blasts from her hands, protect herself with forcefields and moves things with her mind before even touching the tip of the iceberg on her powers. Not to mention that she could destroy an infinity stone.

7 Red Sonja/Witchblade

The Witchblade itself is male, which is why it seeks out a female host, but it has scarcely done as much damage as when paired with this Dynamite dynamo. This occurred for the first time in the short but powerful Witchblade/ Red Sonja series written by Doug Wagner.

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Red Sonja brought the mighty swordsmanship and agility; the gauntlet brought strength, flight and that oh so necessary necromancy. While all of the Witchblade's bearers could put up a fight, a completely overpowering weapon with an already more than capable heroine leads to an unbeatable opponent for even the greatest DC heroine.

6 Angela


Angela is not only a goddess but a literal angel from literal heaven. She may have the same limited understanding of humans as Wonder Woman but her instant healing makes her nearly impervious to anything the Amazonian could throw her way.

Best friends to Gamora, Aldrif Odinsdottir has taken a punch in the face from Thor without even batting an eye. She walked through the fires of Hel and emerged a queen. On top of it all, Angela is fueled by a terrifyingly strong cocktail of strict moral code and love - an unbeatable combination if you stand between her and what she believes or loves most in the world.

5 Power Girl

A Superman equivalent, Kara Zor-L of Earth 2 has everything that Wonder Woman has plus so much more. With the abilities of ice breath, the sonic scream and being a part of the 1%, she seemingly has it all.

She does not stop at having every power imaginable by man - she also lacks obvious weaknesses. Due to being from a different Earth, Power Girl cannot be taken down by the one check mate that has been Superman's downfall time after time - Kryptonite. Without anything to stop her and with all the powers of an invincible alien, Wonder Woman's powers, even as a goddess, fall flat next to Power Girl's Kryptonian physiology.

4 Starfire

Starfire may be most well known for being scantily clad or her role in Teen Titans but she should be known for her undeniable ability to beat the pants off Wonder Woman (or underwear rather).

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The two ladies could battle through the sky, match punch for punch but Starfire's alien blasts, from her eyes to her hands,  give her an unbelievable edge in battle. Both heroines can survive in space, fly through the planets and launch a rocket ship (or much more) over their heads but only one's alien condition allows them to store energy within themselves. And that orange-skinned beauty is the winner.

3 Big Barda

Wonder Woman's flight would make her hard to catch but once caught Big Barda's strength and weaponry make her a near-unbeatable brute force. The rod and the sword may find themselves equally matched but when it comes down to strength Big Barda is a wall of pure muscle.

It is lucky that these two women are generally teamed up through the Justice League so there does not have to be one of the bloodiest battles in the female arena of DC. This is also prevented by her heartbreaking death in Death of the New Gods. But even in memory, Big Barda is a formidable opponent for her ex-teammate.

2 Phoenix

In her villain days, Jean Grey was a destroyer of planets. In her hero days, she was the heart of the X-Men. Jean Grey has some of the strongest telepathic powers in the superhero world and has never shied away from using them whether it was to destroy the Earth or help her friends from the inside out.

It will be pretty hard for Wonder Women to defeat her in battle, if she has no control over her own mind - a fact many foes discovered too late. While her greatest power is her ability to get others to give her a second chance, it is her telekinesis that would win Phoenix the edge in this battle.

1 Captain Marvel

Part Kree, part human, Captain Marvel matches Wonder Woman on both her abilities of flight and strength. On top of that, Captain Carol Danvers can absorb energies of all kind from across the multiverse and discharge radioactive energy from her fingertips.

They share a resistance to all things Earth but Danvers' blasts would win her a fight any day on any of the Earths in the Multiverse. Cap can take a punch from Thanos with the same head shake humans use to scare away a mosquito. She does all of this while battling her own bouts of mental illness as seen in Kelly Thompson's Life of Captain Marvel and she always comes away flying.

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