10 Of The Most Heroic Things The Joker Has Ever Done

There have been plenty of Joker moments over the years that have completely terrorized the citizens of Gotham mesmerized Batman readers for just as long. The Clown Prince Of Crime has been around for nearly eighty years and the more writers tackle him, the more diabolical he gets. Strangely enough, the more menacing the Joker has gotten in recent years, the more fans flock to see what mayhem he’s going wreak next. It doesn’t hurt either that he has more or less always has been the yin to Batman’s yang.

To flip the line of The Dark Knight, you either die a villain or live long enough to see yourself become the hero. While the Joker is the worst of the worst, he does occasionally have the capacity to do good. Even when the good isn’t that altruistic and serves to further the Joker’s evil agenda (tormenting Batman), his good deeds have been epic in nature. When he’s not murdering or attempting to murder Robins, torturing and pushing Commissioner Gordon to the brink, or degrading his so-called beloved Harley, every so often, the Joker’s exactly the kind of hero Gotham needs. Here are 10 Of The Most Heroic Things The Joker Has Ever Done.

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10 Fighting The Batman Who Laughs

In a Dark alternate universe, the Batman Who Laughs is a twisted version of the best parts of Bruce Wayne mixed with the worst parts of the Joker. He offed the Justice League and all of pupils. Then he set our sights on our world, leaving our Batman as he only person capable of stopping him. Except Laughs WAS Bruce and knew everything Batman was going to do. Which is why Batman convinced the Joker to help him. Laughs would not know how to account for what the Joker was going to do.

9 Becoming The White Knight

While Batman is beating the Joker to death, the Clown confesses to Batman that he could do some real good with medication. So, Batman viciously stuffs his face full of meds and continues to beat him. As Jack Napier, Joker earns his freedom and successfully sues the GCPD.

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He also runs for councilman and using his superior intellect to help clean the city. Meanwhile, a second Harley, an old hostage of the Joker’s; brainwashed into become Harley doesn’t buy into the Joker’s sanity one bit, neither does Batman at first. The real Harley is fighting to keep Jack sane.

8 He Doesn’t Reveal Batman’s Identity

Over the course of Batman’s history, it’s been revealed on more than once occasion it is revealed the Joker knows exactly who Batman is. But revealing that secret to the world is far too easy a way for the Clown to break the Bat. He once threatened to murder mob boss Rupert Thorn should he ever reveal the secret. Joker not revealing Batman’s identity actually runs far deeper than any sort of sense of honor and decency - he won’t even talk to Bruce Wayne when the billionaire has tried to visit him in Arkham.

7 Paid For Harley’s Tuition

Within the pages of Gotham Confidential is the earliest meeting between Joker and Harley. Then she was just Harleen Quinzel, and like any other kid putting themselves through med school, she was working and struggling. Joker meets her at a bar and pays off her tuition after seemingly one conversation. Now wonder she latched into him. Perhaps he knew what would happen down the road, but in this moment the 250K he spent would make anyone think he’s a hero.

6 Fights The Red Skull

He might be the most crazed and sadistic lunatic that has ever lived to torment Batman and the rest of the DCU, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have standards. When Batman and Captain America hooked up to take on the Joker and the Red Skull, the Clown didn’t realize who he was working with.

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Even he admitted how much a madman he is, but he’s still an American lunatic, which is what he exclaimed before both villains tried to vaporize each other.

5 Saves Batman’s Life

When both the Joker and Batman become infected with the Colossus virus, they desperately head to Europe to find a cure. It took nearly a decade to complete, but once Batman: Europa did come out, it didn’t disappoint. As the two’s symptoms worsen, they grow a little bit of respect for one another. But once they’re cured and stateside, it’s back to being on the flip side of the same scarred coin.

4 Saves Humanity

In a strange way, when there’s no Batman around, the Joker’s just a better person. Perhaps Batman is the problem? In the story, Superman: Distant Fires, The Man Of Steel again has survived an extinction event. Only this time it’s on planet Earth. There are several people that have survived, including the Clown Prince Of Crime. He’s completely reformed and has been using his talents to help bring back humanity.

3 Saves The Riddler

The aptly titled story arch, “The War Of Jokes And Riddles,” Bruce recounts to Selina an event from his early days. After orchestrating a full-scale war against the Joker and murdering several people to do it, it was revealed all the Riddler wanted to do was make the Joker laugh. Not only did he fail at doing that, he succeeded in really ticking off a young Batman, who had made the “logical” decision to kill the Riddler. But it was actually the Joker that stopped him, by taking the knife meant for the Riddler and actually keeping the Dark Knight’s hands clean of murder.

2 Stops The Bruce

In the Elseworlds story, I, Joker, the Clown Prince Of Crime is depicted as Joe Collins, a Rebel leader, leading the charge against the society being ruled with a iron fist by The Bruce (Batman).

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One night a year, The Bruce organizes a night where you can overthrow his rule, provided you run the gauntlet of his famous Rogues, all of whom are now random people genetically altered to look like villains of the past. Collins however might actually be a descendant if either Bruce or the Joker. He’s got several people helping him in his quest to overthrow The Bruce and save Gotham.

1 Oberon Sexton, Detective

Even if he somehow knows that under the cowl isn’t Bruce, the Joker will still always be connected to Batman. While Bruce was lost in time, Dick was running around as the Caped Crusader. He was in over his head while he was working a case and was happy to have help with the investigations from the mysterious Oberon Sexton. The detective was actually the Joker in disguise, he actually murdered the real Sexton, who in turn was a murderer himself. Why the getup and helping with the investigation? Who knows - it’s the Joker, even when he tries to be the hero he’s completely batty!

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