Herogasm #2

Story by
Art by
John McCrea, Keith Burns
Colors by
Tony Aviña
Letters by
Simon Bowland
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

This issue is an improvement over the first which, while good, never really progressed beyond the one or two jokes Ennis could tell about superheroes doing drugs and having lots of sex. In this issue, Ennis builds on some of the ideas hinted at towards the end of last issue, like Vic the Veep's arrival at the Herogasm, and the Boys' presence.

While mentioned from time to time in "The Boys," the vice president and superhero supporter, Vic the Veep had yet to make a full appearance, which is rectified here on the fourth page with more evidence of Ennis' stunning ability to craft dialogue that tells you both how a character speaks and who they are.

Various scenes of debauchery still play important roles in this issue, but the plot begins to pick up with the Homelander seemingly destroying a plane early on while naked and, then, being brought into a Vought-American plan to instill Vic the Veep as president. As well, a hint that the Boys may face a new foe in the form of Avengers analogue Payback -- as soon as they put some clothes on.

"Herogasm," though, still can't match the main book, mostly because so much of it is devoted to superhero debauchery, which gets old after a while. Even a drugged-out conversation between A-Train and Jack from Jupiter doesn't work as well here as it does in the monthly series.

Part of the problem may be artists John McCrea and Keith Burns who do a solid job of illustrating this book, but also possess a style more rudimentary and basic than Darick Robertson's. In many ways, the look of this book just seems more basic and incomplete than the art in the monthly. That said, there are several nice touches thrown in that really add to the issue as well. Mind Droid, the Vision analogue, is drawn in the nude and the manner in which McCrea and Burns depict a naked android with certain mechanical-yet-human-looking parts is pretty funny. It's solid art that works with the story, but does make this mini-series look weaker than the main book.

Though an improvement over the first issue, the second issue of "The Boys: Herogasm" is still so mired in sex and drug jokes that aren't funny or were at one point until beaten into the ground that it still seems a lesser addition, a watered-down version of the monthly book. The plot does pick up the pace a bit here and, hopefully, it will continue in that direction.

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