HeroesCon: DC Nation

At Saturday's DC Nation panel, editors Ian Sattler and Brian Cunningham provided fans with a first-ever look at a printed copy of "Wednesday Comics." The weekly, star-studded, 16-page comic produced on massive newsprint pages, was described as one of the most unusual, impressive, projects in DC's recent history, a "Kramer's Ergot" #7 with superheroes.

But DC Nation, or at least the cross section attending the panel, showed more interest in the tedium of DC continuity. Not a single question was asked about "Wednesday Comics."

The panel, which also featured artists Ethan Van Sciver and Mark Bagley, began with the announcement that Bagley would come onto "Justice League of America" this fall, probably in October, with writer James Robinson.

"I'm really stoked," Bagley said. "After 'Trinity,' DiDio said, 'What do you want to do?'"

Bagley said he jumped on "JLA," though it went through several iterations. At first, DC planned for multiple "JLA" books, then Dwayne McDuffie was going to continue writing one "JLA" title, then McDuffie was dropped and Robinson was named as the series' writer.

"It was more organized than that," Sattler interrupted.

Then Van Sciver talked about "Flash: Rebirth."

"It's the best thing to be doing right now," Van Sciver said. "Geoff Johns and I have a very large vision for these characters." He said they're planting "little tentpoles" and have big plans for Bart Allen.

Van Sciver is also doing extra covers for "Blackest Night" and designing a "very, very special Black Lantern." He was quickly warned not to say more. Little detail was given into "Blackest Night," though Sattler did call it "extraordinary stuff."

"When DC charges you $3.99 or $4.99 a month, it's because we add stuff. It's not because someone at Marvel is hungry," joked Van Sciver.

Then he pulled out a set of proofs of "Wednesday Comics," which he had rushed from the printer to bring to the show. The 12-issue series will debut in July.

"This is huge," Sattler said, which is true in a literal sense. The stories are massive, featuring Superman, Batman, Metamorpho, Flash, Katamandi and others as told by Neil Gaiman, Mike Allred, Paul Pope and others.

Sattler expressed uncertainty after the panel about how retailers would respond to the comic, which is so different from traditional comics. He also said editor Mark Chiarello has plans for collecting the series including both downsized and full-size trades. "It's important we show you how awesome this is," Sattler said. "People ask, 'Why don't you do something different?'"

Then the Q&A portion of the panel began, and fans asked nothing about the ambitious series, focusing instead focusing on the in-continuity futures of various superheroes.

Aquaman, promised to return by Dan DiDio at last year's HeroesCon DC Nation panel, was first on the list. Van Sciver told the audience that he and Johns both "love Aquaman. And I'd love to do something with Firestorm."

Asked of any plans for Hawkman, Sattler said, "Wait for it, we're close." Of course, "Wednesday Comics" will feature Kyle Baker's Hawkman.

Another fan asked if DC was planning to reveal the outcome of "DC: Decision," and Sattler promised the election was resolved and the president will be revealed.

One fan called for Barry Allen to wear bow ties in "JLA," but he was rebuffed by Bagley, who said he doesn't own a single tie.

Asked about actress Megan Fox calling Wonder Woman "lame," everyone at the panel rose to her defense. "It's a great mystery to me why she gets that disrespect," Van Sciver said. "She's Superman's other half." Wonder Woman, by the way, will appear in an upcoming issue of the Gail Simone penned "Secret Six."

Asked about the fate of Rival, Van Sciver said, "What happens in the Speed Force stays in the Speed Force."

Van Sciver then was asked, regarding the various colors of Lanterns in "Blackest Night," "If Sinestro had a blue ring, would he be a Green Lantern again?"

Van Sciver only laughed and promised to relay the question to Johns.

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